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Hump day Shmump day

Posted Jan 26 2011 12:00am

Hello and congratulations for making it over the hump day!

Today was a hum drum-got done what I needed to get done- kind of day

I woke up to a cup of  instant coffee with coco powder and a pear. I packed a pria bar for class which I split with a friend and ate along with my second cuppa joe :)

After hanging around the campus. When lunch rolled around I was HUUUNNNNGRYYY.

My huge lunch was an everything-salad consisting of  well, everything on this plate… (  there’s TOO MUCH TO LIST). THANK YOU UMASS FOR BUFFET STYLE DINING HALLS WITH QUALITY FOOD :)

THEN, still hungry as usual, I had some tomatoes with egg and carrots

AND ABOUT 5 OF THESE GRAPE BOWLS ( well maybe not 5 but…ALOT)


THEN after STATS and ORGANIC CHEM class, I made it to the GYM. AND (long story short) I was meant to go to kick boxing but realized I wouldn’t make it because of a nutrition-project-related meeting ( see top secret project )

I found out it ultimately canceled AFTER I was done at the gym because of ALL THE SNOW WE STARTED GETTING!!!

OH WELL……At the gym I did a simple 40 mins on the elliptical ( I’ve been sore and was due for a non strenuous sweat session )

I got a nice spot today with a view of the library… ITS HUGE!!

Dinner was quite artsy looking. I had two of these plates. Each had 1/2 a banana, 1 T of pb, some carrot chips, and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt topped with granola, honey, and strawberry preserves YUM!!!!!! ( don’t ask me why I split this meal into two…I’m just a weirdo haha)

AND MELON for dessert… of course

My nightly activities were composed of reading an arousing chapter of organic chem (basically took me a few HOURS.) Followed by some biology reading. WOOOOH!!(  tryyy hold your enthusiasm please, I know this is VERY intriguing)

HOWEVER, the mood of the evening was elevated when I munched on the delicious apple as I finished up the last few pages :) OH how I love my apples.


This one is for my own personal information and as information for an article I hope to write in the future for

What are some protein,nutrition,meal bars that you like and why? For me personaly I like Pria, Luna, and Pure protein bars because they are low cal and high in protein. I never need a meal bar. Does anyone know of any other bars that fit those criteria as well?

THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT ♥ nighty night

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