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Human Parasites and Human Parasite Symptoms

Posted Jun 29 2010 1:28pm

Human parasites are microorganisms living within the body. Then we turn into their hosts...

Considering these parasitic organisms will be incapable of acquiring nutrients for themselves, they depend on us for their own survival. Unfortunately, parasitic organisms damage humans when they use up our own food and nutrients. They can destruct our tissues and cells, and make dangerous waste matter inside our body. This is how parasites could make us pretty sick.

In certain underdeveloped countries, human parasites and human parasites symtpoms can be epidemic. Numerous men and women every year are ill and also die from those unwanted organisms. In North-America, parasitic infections and transmissions are not as wide-spread, but these infections are rising for various factors :

 - People bring parasites with them once they immigrate to the United States

- People are traveling more frequently

- Military frequently come back to the U.S. bringing parasites with them coming from other countries.

 - Popularity of pets inside households

We cannot claim today that parasites are a problem regarding only under developed nations. It is simply not true. They're even more of a danger in first world country since parasites are often not really diagnosed. The possiblily of parasites causing all those negative effects are often not considered.

How do we Spread Human Parasites ?

Our way of life can result in multiplication of parasites. A large proportion of children get human parasites from their child care centre. Children and parents with cats and dogs in the home are at risk for contracting human parasites. Additionally, people who eat at restaurants are at a higher danger because it is believed that food handlers can spread parasites.

Human parasites might get into your body through the skin, oral cavity or nose. It's possible to acquire parasite infestation via mosquitos and other bugs, contaminated food (fruits and vegetables) and water. Homes having house animals are at higher risk of holding parasites. A contact with a person who may have parasites might also transmit these microorganism straight into your body.

Human Parasites Symptoms

As soon as they have settled in, they will start to reproduce and multiply. The host body, on the other hand, will start to experience the human parasite symptoms. This may be such as bowel obstruction or diarrhea, joint pain, general exhaustion, anal itching, loss of hunger, skin rashes, digestive irregularities like bloated tummy and cramps, prostatitis (or swelling of the prostate glands), and ibs.

These types of symptoms can easily be mistaken for other diseases. Parasites in humans usually are not diagnose because of this. And those little creatures are sneeky, they do not want you to find out about them.
Amoeba, tapeworms, hookworms and ringworms are the most common parasites that live inside the human body.

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