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HPV Vaccine - Gamble not worth the High Stakes Entry Fee

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:31pm
I've heard so much about the HPV vaccine being pushed on our daughters and the horror stories that have gone along with it.  At what point do we take a stand for our own health and not succumb to the arbitrary testing being done everyday on American citizens?  I just returned from a trip to Vegas and had a great time yet I couldn't bring myself to venture into the High Stakes Slot area.  I enjoy spinning the wheel on occasion but who likes to lose?  I say this because some of the vaccines we are told are truly necessary are doing more harm than good.  This is just my opinion, yet there are many who agree with me and I'm sure many that don't.  I am truly amazed at the medical advances being made all over the world and am completely grateful for the institution of medicine available to us in the US.  I do not shun the great doctors of our time in the least.  However, I feel that the Big Pharma companies are akin to drug traffickers.  While watching TV the other night I counted 8 pharmaceutical commercials in the span of a one hour show.  That's huge.  And have you ever listened to the disclaimers/side effects that more often than not highly resemble the symptoms they are claiming to heal in the first place.  It's laughable.  Yet, it is very serious.  One vaccine that I highly recommend you thoroughly research before considering for yourself or your daughters is the HPV vaccine.  I have linked to a very informative article below.

The HPV Vaccine: Herd Immunity or Human Sacrifice?

The above article is by: Joanne Waldron writing for

Natural News

We all must make informed decisions when it comes to our health and the health of our daughters.
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