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HPV Infection and Men

Posted Mar 10 2010 10:05pm

Abounding surplus information regarding HPV (human papillomavirus) centring on females has always been present as it raises their chances of developing cervical cancer. However, HPV virus among males could analogously lead to health complications. Hence, it is imperative that men comprehend ways on reducing their risk of developing HPV infection.

HPV infection could raise a man’s likelihood of developing genital cancer, though these are uncommon. HPV could additionally lead to development of genital warts among males alike that in women.

In U.S. more than half the populace of sexually active men would develop HPV at some stage during their lifetime. Mostly a man’s body would be capable of clearing the virus and there would be no health concerns.

HPV Infection – Risks in Males

Thirty or so HPV forms linked to genital cancers could cause anal or penile cancers in males. Cancers of anus or penis are uncommon particularly among males having a strong immune system.

HPV infection in menThe chances of developing anal cancer are nearly seventeen times greater among homosexual and bisexual males as compared to those men having sex solely with women. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infected men are additionally at greater risk of developing this form of cancer.

Other forms of HPV virus atypically lead to cancer among males; however they are contributing factors to genital warts. At any particular instance in time, approximately one percent of sexually active males in the United States would develop genital warts.

HPV Signs in Males

The high risk bearing HPV strains that are cancer-eliciting atypically show signs in both genders. Genital warts are the foremost signs noticed in low-risk HPV forms that lead to warts although not cancer.

Diagnostic Procedures

Physicians generally conduct diagnosis of genital warts among men by visual examination of the genital region for checking wart presence. Application of vinegar solution is done by certain doctors to assist in identification of apparent, not yet risen warts. Though this form of testing is not hundred percent accurate and at times normal skin is erroneously recognized as a wart.

There are no regular tests for checking high-risk, cancer-causing HPV forms. But, a number of doctors are insisting that bisexual and homosexual males that are at increased risk of HPV caused anal cancer to undergo routine anal pap tests. During the anal Pap test, collection of cell samples from the anus are taken and then examined for anomalies in a laboratory.

Treatment Options

For asymptomatic males having HPV infection there is no treatment. As an alternative, treatment of health issues which are occurring due to HPV virus is done by doctors.

A host of treatments could be employed for treating genital warts that have appeared like topical application of prescription ointments at home. Surgical excision or freezing off the warts are performed by doctors.

As genital warts could subside by themselves, hence few doctors discourage treating them early. Also surfacing of all warts takes some time. Hence, in case an individual undergoes treatment for warts when they immediately surface could require further treatment.

Treatment options for anal cancers include radiation, chemotherapy and surgical intervention. The particular form of treatment is based on the staging of cancer, its extent and metastasis.

HPV Vaccine for Boys & Men

Gardasil vaccine has received the FDA nod to aid in preventing genital warts (due to HPV strains 6 and 11) in males aged 9-26 years. Gardasil has already been approved by the FDA for use in females aged 9-26 years.

Preventing HPV Spread

Condoms could offer some safeguard from HPV spread, but are not totally effectual as HPV transmission is chiefly via skin contact and bare skin not covered by condom could still contract the viral form.

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