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HP Pavilion DV4 Adapter Tips That You Need to Know

Posted Jan 06 2014 7:22am

Many laptop owners are there that keep on changing their  HP Pavilion DV4 adapter  because they consistently find some trouble in their adapter. Although this HP Adapter is one of the best adapter but if you will not carry it properly then you won’t be able to get a long life from it, so we would suggest you to follow few simple steps for taking care of your HP Pavilion DV4 charger and to get a longer life from your laptop adapter.


Talking about caring tips for you HP charge, first and the most important thing is about your carrying method. If you keep it in your laptop bag as if you are forcing your used shirt in a bag, then surely it will reduce the life of your laptop adapter. Instead of this we would suggest you to role it properly with 6 to 8 inch circle and then bind the cable together and then keep it in your bag with generous manner. Also, do not put any other cable in this bag that can bind with your  HP Pavilion DV4 Adapter charger  and can pull the cable while taking out the laptop adapter from you laptop bag.


Also avoid keeping all the sharp objects with your HP Pavilion DV4 adapter else these sharp objects can cut the cable of your laptop adapter and can damage it permanently so do not keep any sharp object in same laptop bag. In case you find that your charger is tangled with other cable or something else, then instead of separating it forcefully just separate that tangling of different cable in a gentle manner so you can do it without damaging cables of your laptop adapter.


Also it is strongly recommended that you should plug your  HP laptop adapter  with a good power supply only. If you will plug it with any power supply that is not working properly or doing the sparking, then it can create some short circuit and this short circuit can damage your HP adapter and other part of your laptop as well. So make sure you plug it with a good power supply. Also, at the time of plugging the power supply, make sure you turn of the switch when you plug your adapter and once adapter is plugged then you can turn on the electricity for charging your laptop using adapter.


HP DV4 Laptop AC Adapter

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