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HP F4809A Laptop Battery and Adapter

Posted Jul 31 2013 8:12am

While working with a laptop, one of the things that can really frustrate you is the  HP battery. This happens especially when you are in a meeting and your laptop runs out of charge, all you feel is the urge to get a capacity battery to spare you the agony of charging your laptop battery every now and then. As many people believe, it is true that the convenience of your laptop is always determined by the strength of its battery. To solve this problem once and for all, the HP manufacturers have made a LI-ion rechargeable battery that has a capacity to serve you for a longer time without connecting it to the wall socket for recharging. Laptop batteries are specific to each type of laptop depending on model, voltage, capacity etc. It is therefore important to make sure that you use your laptop with its specific model.


HP F4809A Laptop battery

It is an eight-cell rechargeable LI-ion battery rated 14.8v and 4400mAh. It has optimum performance giving you extended run time without running out of charge. It has been professionally designed by the manufacturer to work in order and as per your expectations. This means that this product has been inspected and found to be capable of meeting the manufacturer's specifications in all working conditions. The quality of the battery is high with an amazingly low price in a secure convenient and secure platform. Before these batteries leave the factory floor, they are tested to make sure they are compatible with your HP computer and that they will give your computer an extra long powering.


How To Use a  Battery for HP F4809A?

When using the HP F4809A battery, make sure it is properly charged. Ensure that it is stored properly in case it is not in use. Whenever you want to store the battery for a long period of time, you should fully recharge it first. Protectively wrap it and store it at the recommended temperatures, probably cool and dry. After every 3-4 weeks, the battery should be re-installed and allowed to fully discharge. Remember when you stay for a long time without using the battery, it will most often discharge as its system consumes charge little by little. Discharging it and fully recharging will guarantee you a longer lifespan of this battery that not many other batteries can achieve.


HP adapter

To make sure that your HP F4809A battery gives you quality service, it is recommended that you use its HP F4809A adapter. This adapter is a high quality brand which too meets the power specifications from its manufacturer. It has a cable that meets safety and environmental standards. Any replacement of this adapter has been made with quality parts to ensure that it gives you the service of the original adapter or even better service. The adapters have been tested and found to be fully controlled assurance. In combining this adapter, the battery for HP F4809A, and the HP laptop, believe me you will enjoy a quality service. Make sure the adapter is not exposed to direct heat and high temperatures, this adds its life.


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