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How to write a thank-you note

Posted Apr 02 2012 3:22pm











In a recent Q&A about my job at Breathe Magazine, I was asked, “What is the secret to your personal success?” My response mentioned gumption and also hand-written thank-you notes. Thank-you notes a key to success, you ask? Definitely. In the personal and professional world.

As a kid, my mom made me write a thank-you note for everything from gifts to celebrations even to family members who I could say thank you to in person. I hated it. She would sit me down at the dining room table, unearth the dreaded box of thank-you cards and hand me a pen. I would basically write the same thing in every card, just tailoring them enough by changing names and gifts. “Dear Nana and Papa, Thank you for the blue sweater. Blue is my favorite color. I am very excited to wear it when it gets cold out. I love you and miss you. Love, Marissa” And so it went like that every time. I had a formula down.

As I’ve gotten older, thank-you notes have gotten harder to write. Celebrations are larger and more meaningful. Gifts have gotten bigger and more expensive. Thought has been put into gifts more so than when I was a kid. So, saying thank you has had more weight. From thanking someone for taking the time to interview me for a job, to writing a thank-you to a friend who hosted a fabulous party it’s important to show your gratitude when someone takes time out of their day for you.

Here are a few important pointers:

1. Come out an say it thank you! “Beth, Thank you so much for hosting such a fun and fabulous party on Friday evening!”
2. Tell why you are thankful for what they did. “It was great to get together to see all my favorite ladies, since it’s so hard for us to coordinate with our busy schedules.”
3. Mention something positive that you recognized from your experience with them/their gift. “The hour drive to see you all is always well worth it from the yummy food to hilarious banter.”
4. Tell the person you appreciate them. “You are an amazing friend.”
5. Mention the future. “I can’t wait for another hilarious adventure.”
6. Say good-bye. “Cheers, Marissa”

Keep your note short and to the point, while being sure to show your sincere appreciation. In no time you will be a thank-you note master! Let us know if you have any thank-you note advice.

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