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How to Troubleshoot Your Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 Battery Charging Problem

Posted May 23 2013 6:24am

If for some mysterious reasons, your Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 laptop stops working well, several factors might be a play; first, it may have a fried motherboard. Second, because all laptops draw charge from batteries, when used off a direct power outlet, damages to such accessories can cause serious productivity issues. Finally, a popular, but among the most ignored causes of Acer Aspire charging issues, is faulty adapters. Over time, the  Acer laptop adapter  you use to power your laptop can degrade; lose its productivity, and ultimately, lose its ability to power your laptop optimally. To ascertain which of the three is causing your Acer laptop's charging problem, consider using the following comprehensive troubleshooting guide:


Before calling a professional laptop technician of spending hefty amounts on a replacement Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 battery, you can do several things to try to restore it to order. First, using the following steps, troubleshoot the Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 adapter that you use to charge your laptop, to know whether it is in excellent state or not. Check it for signs of wear and tear. Does your adapter's charging block have cracks or frays, which can limit energy exchange? Does its cord(s) have breaks or folds that can cause serious problems? Run your index finger through the length of the adapter and check for the foregoing flaws, before moving to the next step.


Did you know that  Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 battery  require a certain level of charge to work well? If the adapter you are using to charge it has degraded, or supplies a lower voltage, there is a high chance that your laptop will not work as required. Ascertain this fact before making any unwarranted decision. First, collect all materials that you will require for the test in a central location close to a working (AC) power source. Make sure that in addition to the Acer Aspire V3-571-6800 adapter in question; you also have a clean cloth, rubbing alcohol, and a multimeter.


Plug the adapter on the power outlet and your laptop and then try to power your laptop. If the laptop refuses to start or shuts down sequentially, there is a high chance that your charger is faulty. Clean its contacts using a fluff-free cloth and rubbing alcohol, to remove dust or grime that impedes the flow of energy. Next, with a working multimeter at hand, test the contacts of the adapter and check if the charger channels the correct amount of power. However, if you determine that the adapter is working fine, but your problem persists, check its battery.


After you have ascertained that your adapter is in excellent state, troubleshoot your  battery for Acer Aspire V3-571-6800, to check if it is the source of the problem. Remove it from your laptop and check if for signs of damage. Look out for cracks, leakages, and or signs of corrosion on the battery's contacts. If the battery lacks signs of physical damage, dust, and then clean it using rubbing alcohol. Concentrate on metallic parts to make sure they are a speck and span. Finally, test the voltage of your Acer battery to know if it can hold optimal amounts of charge.


With the multimeter you used to troubleshoot your adapter, repeat the procedure on your battery, and then note the reading. If the reading is zero or below the optimum level, chances are that your  Acer battery  is dead, and you must replace it. However, if all tests indicate that the battery is in excellent condition, you can be sure that your laptop is the culprit. Take it to a laptop store for repairs, or ask an experienced friend, to help you to troubleshoot it.


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