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How to tap your body’s inner wisdom for health and healing

Posted Aug 28 2010 11:38pm

Traffic, computers, cell phones, television, iPods…the list of distractions we face is endless.  Buzzing, beeping, singing, shaking and shimmying devices lure our attention outward, dosing us with a brief blast of stimulation that satisfies our senses for a short while before sending us onward, seeking the next diversion.

In a world where complete peace and quiet is nearly obsolete–even in the midst of a forest, jet airplanes still make their sonorous way through the skies–slowing down enough to hear the subtle messages from your body is challenging, at best.

Many self-help and stress management books offer ways to quiet the mind and still your racing thoughts, but few draw a connection to our physical bodies.  Often, tapping into your body will yield incredible insights, breakthroughs in creativity and a more integrated sense of self.

I recently discovered a process that offers you a pathway into your own body wisdom and felt compelled to share it with you.  Below is my interview with Laura Hollick, self described Soul Artist and creator of Body Mapping.  The images that stem from her work are stunning, as are the nuggets of insight.

‘Bodymapping’ is a creative art process that unravels the deep, subconscious stories held in the body. The process of bodymapping creates a deep spiritual awakening and transformation. Healing happens when spirit regains its power and acts as the leader in your life and body.

The process involves tracing the body and using that shape as the foundation for a creative Soul Art process. I guide people through a creative journey so they can connect with their inner world and create art that represents what is happening within them.

The process of seeing the inner world naturally stimulates a deep transformation.

I used to be a professional dancer, so having a body that looked and felt great was very important to me.  During this time my body was in excellent shape, but I still had some issues that were plaguing me!

I had acne. It was so frustrating because it really kept me from shining as a dancer. I was determined to clear my skin so I could feel comfortable with people looking at me while I was dancing.

I tried absolutely everything (and I mean everything!). Nothing worked.  I started to believe it must be psychological, so I secretly made a prayer for guidance. I asked for a clue, an insight, anything that could help me heal my skin.

Then one day I was stretching on the floor and the shape of my leg inspired me, so I starting tracing it onto an art board. I decided to use the body shape as a base to create an art collage.

Well, it was as if I had opened a can of worms, because suddenly I realized there was a lot going on inside my body!

The art I created revealed an entire inner world of characters and stores living within my body.

After that fateful day, I went on to do body tracings of every area of my body, in hopes that I would find the solution to clear my skin.

I also began intense research into anything and everything that could help me to understand the psychology of the inner world, which led to me being certified in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Time Line Therapy, DNA Reprogramming, and Hypnotherapy.

After years of refining the process, I developed ‘Bodymapping’ which is a blend of body work, creativity and deep inner spiritual work, all with the purpose of serving great transformation.
I did unravel my skin issue and am happy to report I have beautiful clear skin.  I attribute the clearing of my skin to my ability to understand the deep spiritual language going on within my body.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with many women using the Bodymapping method.
Here are some of the issues we have had phenomenal success with:

  • body image issues
  • sexual issues (free sexual expression, arousal, orgasm)
  • rape
  • abortion
  • acne
  • blood issues
  • circulation issues
  • numbness
  • overall love and comfort with the body!

A woman who had been raped experienced a big breakthrough.  She was so terrified of her own body and completely disconnected from herself, to the point that when I did the tracing of her body, she winced when the pencil crayon touched her arm.

We worked together over a period of a few weeks. Within that time she went from being a terrified woman who was afraid to look people in the eyes, to someone who was so overjoyed with her body and her life that she went on to self publish 7 poetry books about her inspired life and speak across Canada as an animal activist.

She now exhibits art, including a body cast of herself naked and drawings using her menstrual blood.  She has completely transformed and is now someone totally comfortable with herself and her body.  It is exquisite!

A simple way to start with this process is to ask your body if it has something it wants to tell you.

Once you pose the question, be quiet and gentle and listen. Tuning into yourself is a great way to initiate a connection with yourself and prepare for a bodymapping process.

Soul Art is the expression of your spirit through art. It is also about transforming your entire life into a work of art.

I believe our life is our soul’s art!

Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman.  She is the creator of Soul Art studio, a business devoted to guiding creative spiritual people to live their spirit and thrive. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life’. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows on 93.3 FM CFMU for ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’.

Through her shows, products, events and exhibitions, Laura inspires people be who they are born to be. Initiate your own transformation today by taking Laura’s free quiz called ‘What kind of creative spirit are you?’ You can get it at

All images copyright Laura Hollick & Soul Art Studio.

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