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How to Take Proper Care of Your HP Laptop Power Cord G71?

Posted Apr 18 2014 3:13am

If you think your  HP laptop power cord G71  is not working properly for you and you are fed up of changing your adapters, then it seems you are not taking good care of your laptop charger. So, in this kind of situation you should follow some simple tips to properly handle your HP G71 charger so you can get the longest lifetime from your adapter and you can use your laptop power adapter without changing it again and again in every month.


Talking about these tips that you should follow to take good care of your HP G71 power supply, then, always fold it properly before keeping it in your bag. When you fold your adapter, then make sure you fold it in round shape with no sharp edge or folds in your adapter cable because these sharp edges or round shape can increase the chances of damage in your  HP G71 charger. However, if you will fold it in circular shape, then chances of damage will be minimum and you will not have to worry about the internal cutting of your adapter cable.


Also, when you put it in your bag, then make sure you never put the HP G71 charger along with any other sharp object. If you will do this, then it will increase the chances of cutting of your laptop adapter’s cable and you will not be able to get a long life from your laptop adapter and you will not get any warranty as well if you cut your HP G71 adapter cable. So, make sure you remember this thing also while keeping the adapter in any of your bag and just keep it away from any kind of problems.


In addition to this, it is also important that you never plug your  HP laptop adapter  G71 with a power source that is not clean and stable. If you will plug your HP laptop power cord G71 with a power socket that has some sparking in it, then it will increase the chances of damage in your laptop adapter and in some cases it can damage your laptop as well. Along with clean power source also check that you are plugging your HP G71 power supply only in a device that has stable voltage supply. If you will use it with a power supply that gives fluctuating voltage, then also you may damage your HP G71 adapter.


HP G71-300 Laptop AC Adapter

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