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How to Take Care of an HP Pavilion DV7 Adapter?

Posted Jul 30 2013 8:58am

Every HP enthusiast needs a working  HP Pavilion DV7 adapter, to keep the laptop running well. Without an HP adapter, you cannot charge your laptop's battery to capacity. In essence, this means that you will not be able to the computer off at home, or work environment. It is a fact that no HP laptop battery lasts forever. After 24 to 32 months of excellent service, you may have to spend between 50 and 100 dollars, on a replacement accessory online. When this happens and you do not have enough money to buy a replacement battery, your Pavilion DV7 adapter can come in handy. You can continue powering your laptop directly from an electrical socket, as you are looking for enough money, to buy another battery. In view of the foregoing facts, it is evident that a working adapter is essential, if not the most important laptop accessory. Do the following to take care of your laptop adapter, and keep it working in an excellent state for the longest time possible:


Usage Habits

Never leave your HP  Pavilion DV7 battery  plugged into an electrical outlet, long after you have completed using your laptop. Many individuals, especially those who use their laptop computers as desktop replacements make this common mistake. If you leave your adapter plugged into a power outlet, it maintains an air of electricity, commonly referred to as drought, which can have serious consequences. For example, by maintaining a constant flow of electricity through the HP charger, you can damage its internal components, and render it useless. You may also contend with hefty electricity bills, in addition the hefty amount you will spend on a replacement Pavilion charger.


Do you drop your  HP adapter  often or handle it in a manner that increases wear and tear? Dropping your charger on a hard surface or pinching its cord using heavy household furniture can easily crack its charging blog, or break its circuit of wires, rendering it unusable over time. Be careful when using your adapter, if you want to keep it in excellent working condition, for long.


Storage Habits

Proper storage is essential, after using your HP Pavilion DV7 adapter. Do the following to lower user related damage, and maintain the charger working optimally: first, take care of your adapter's cord well during storage. Do not fold the  HP pavilion DV7 charger  into a ball, or create sharp turns while folding its wires. This way, you can easily break the series of wires in the adapter cord, and impede flow of power when charging your battery or laptop. For best results, you should disassemble the cord from the adapter's transformer during storage.


Temperature is crucial, when storing your HP Pavilion DV7 charger. If you leave your adapter in your car or at the balcony of your home often, harsh environmental elements (direct sunlight or frost) can damage its internal components and render it unusable, before its time. After usage, make sure you clean your HP adapter well and then store it in a cool and dry place. The bag that shipped with your laptop computer is an excellent storage accessory that you should consider using.


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