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How to Take Care of an Acer Aspire 532 Adapter?

Posted May 13 2013 2:42am

How many times have you left your  Acer Aspire 532 adapter  unattended and or lying aimlessly on the floor? How many times have you dropped your adapter transformer (charging block) or let grime or dirt accumulate on its charging pin? While such actions seem normal in the eyes of many Aspire 532 enthusiasts, they can lead to damages, and serious financial losses, if you do not address them early. Consider the following maintenance tips, to keep your Acer Aspire 532 chargers working well for a long time:


Cleanliness is next to godliness. Apply the foregoing principle, if you want your Acer adapter to work in top condition for the longest possible time. As you use your adapter, store it in your laptop bag, or expose it to other environmental elements, grime and dirt can accumulate on its pin. This causes many problems; first, dust that accumulates inside the charging pin can block and affect the transfer of energy. You might think that your laptop or battery has a problem, while in the real sense; dirt that has accumulated in your  Aspire Adapter  is the culprit. Dip a clean cotton wool in isopropyl alcohol and clean the pin. Concentrate on its groove to enhance the power transfer between the adapter and laptop.


Did you know that like other laptop accessories, the duration that your Acer adapter will power your laptop optimally, depends on how well or how badly you treat it? If you take care of it well, it will have a longer life and vice versa. In addition to cleaning your laptop adapter regularly, you must handle it with care. Avoid bending or stretching its power cord at any point. Twisting and bending an adapter too much, especially during storage, can cause its wires to break, short-circuit and cause issues the next time you are charging your laptop. If you must bend the adapter, create big turns that will not strain its wires.


Never drop your  Acer battery  on a hard surface, or shake it vigorously in your curiosity. Laptop batteries have circuit boards and smaller internal components that can dislodge or damage, when subjected to brute force. The transmitter can also crack under pressure, damage your computer as a result, and even enhance the risk of fire hazards. Handle it gently, and it will serve you optimally for a long time. Electricity and water do not mix. Avoid using or storing your Acer Aspire 532 adapters in a damp environment (outdoor, bathroom, and others), if you want it to work well for long. You should also protect its metal chip for getting in contact with other metals, or appliances. They can easily shoot the Acer adapter, lower its productivity significantly, and even cause permanent damage.


Temperature is a critical element that you must keep in mind, when storing your  Acer Aspire 532 charger. If you expose you charger to a lot of heat or frost often, there is a high chance that you will damage its transformer, and render it useless over a couple of months. Store the charger in an area away from direct sunlight, to keep it healthy.


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