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How to Store a Dell Vostro A860 Adapter?

Posted Aug 15 2013 2:56am

Manufacturers have proposed excellent storage as one of the best strategies for prolonging the life of a  Dell Vostro A860 adapter. If you store your Dell adapter well occasionally, you keep the wires in its cord intact. This lowers the probability of electrical shots that not only damages the adapter, but also your pricey A860 laptop computer by Dell, without warning. To store your Dell Vostro A860 charger well and lower user-related degradation as a result, keep the following major tips in mind:


Tools and materials

You need the following tools and materials, to be able to store your Dell Vostro A860 adapter well:

1. Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol

2. Clean cloth

3. Multimeter


You can order the foregoing tool and materials online, if you have a credit card or PayPal account.


Steps for storing a Vostro A860 adapter well

Step 1: check for damages

Instead of bundling your  Vostro A860 battery  or leaving it lying in your living room when you retire to bed, make sure that you check the dell adapter for damages. Look at is Alternating and Direct Current power cords. Are they broken? Do they have signs of a looming electrical problem such as burns, uncharacteristic color changes, and or frays? If you notice any such signs, it is advisable that you replace the faulty power cord, or replace the entire Dell Vostro A860 charger, if possible. You will protect your computer, and lower the risk of electrical fires this way. Next, check the transformer/charging block of your adapter. If it has cracks, has expanded due to overheating, and or supplies a higher than required voltage to your battery or laptop; again, replace the adapter. If the charger for HP A860 laptops is looking in excellent health however, proceed to the next step.


Step 2: clean the adapter

Clean your  Dell Vostro A860 charger  well before storage. Over time, grime and dust accumulates inside the charging pin of laptop adapter. If left to accumulate to high level, dust and grime can lower power transfer between the adapter, the battery, and the laptop computer in general, causing productivity issues as a result. Soak a clean fluff free cloth in isopropyl or rubbing alcohol that you bought, before starting the exercise. Use the cloth to clean the charging pin of your adapter, concentrating on the inner portion, where dust commonly accumulates. Clean the plug and other components as well.


Step 3: store the adapter

With your  Dell adapter  clean, all that is left is proper storage. This however, does not mean that you fold the adapter into a ball, and then keep it in the first open space that you come across. Keep the following essentials in mind, for best results:


1. Power cords

Keep the power cords of your Vostro A860 adapter as relaxed as possible during storage. If you stretch them beyond their limits, and or fold the adapter wires into sharp turns during storage, you can easily break their consistency and cause charging issues or failure, over time. Make larger and rounder turns, and hold the power cords in place using the fastener, to get promising results.


2. Storage temperature

Keep temperature in mind when storing your Dell Vostro A860 adapter. A cool and dry storage environment, away from environmental elements such as sand and dust, is the best.


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