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How to Stay Healthy This Weekend

Posted Mar 18 2011 12:00am
It has been extensively shown that what you do on the weekend can seriously sabotage your diet and all the healthy choices you made during the week. Also, since it was St. Patty's Day yesterday, I'm sure you're feeling a little guilty today about how you treated your body and your liver with those 10 gallons of green beer. So, how can you be healthy this weekend when you are going out for dinner and drinks with the girls? Follow these tips and you will be the Cindy Crawford of Saturdays
1. Long workouts. The weekend is a PERFECT time for a long workout. You can do your long runs if you are training for a race. You can also do longer workouts while spending time with your friends, i.e. a half day hike or long bike rides in the park. After these workouts, you will feel less guilty about those extra weekend calories you will be consuming.

2. Low calorie drinks. As I stress all the time in this blog, and even to which I devoted a whole blog post , you should swap your high calorie fruity drinks for low calorie drinks! Your best options are the Blueberry Stoli and club soda cocktail that I love as well as other low cal drinks such as Skinny Girl margaritas, light beers, and any drinks that involve you to sip instead of chug. Drinks that are meant for sipping will help you consume less calories while still hanging out with your friends all night!

3. No soup for you! I'm kidding, you should have tons of soup, especially when out to dinner. It has been shown that consuming soup helps you cut calories later by making you more full before your entree. Some nice, spring soups to consume right now would be Carrot Soup and other light soups with spring vegetables.

4. Clean your apartment. You know that pile of work clothes just hanging out on that chair in the corner? What about all those dishes you were too tired to clean after a long work day? Clean and organize your life this weekend. Not only will you be burning calories, but you will be keeping your hands busy, so they will have less time to hang out in the cookie jar. Also, it will calm you mind to feel more organized, and what's better than that?

TGIF! Have a great weekend!
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