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How To Start Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Posted Mar 24 2010 12:00am

You are ready to make some healthy lifestyle changes, but you don’t have a clue on how you should start. Start with taking one step at at time.  Don’t let not knowing how to start hinder you from making the changes that you so desire.

When I made changes, it wasn’t something that I did overnight, as a matter of fact, it took years of me gradually making changes. I’m still a work in progress. Making healthy lifestyle changes takes time, work and determination.

Start Where You Are

You are ready to make some changes and are thinking big about this. You say to yourself, “I will exercise, lose weight, stop eating processed foods, stop eating animal flesh, get more fresh air, etc,” but as you look at all of your goals, you get overwhelmed. As a result, you say, “I can’t do this.”

Don’t ever say that you “can’t do this” because you can. You are you not like Susie or John, who went cold turkey and did all these things over night. You are you, a unique individual, who must do what works for you.

Example #1: If you want to start exercising and you know that you haven’t done much exercising in quite some time, then start where you are. Slow paced walking and work up to where you want to be.

Example #2: If you want to stop eating processed foods, then gradually eliminate those foods from your diet and before you know it, you will have no desire to eat those foods.

Example #3: If you want to stop eating animal flesh and you know it will be hard for you to give up your favorite, then gradually eliminate those animals from your diet. Everyone can’t go cold turkey, for most of us it is a process.

Take Baby Steps

You’ve heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” that’s how you must look at the healthy lifestyle changes that you are making. There is no need for you to make the changes that you desire all at once, unless you want to.

Making a lot of changes all at once could result in your giving up and throwing in the towel. You may veer off your path, but don’t ever stop moving toward your goals.

Take it nice and slow, one step at a time. Taking baby steps will help you reach your goals. You will soon notice that you have no problems sticking with the changes that you have made.

Question for today:   What are some changes you’d like to make and how do you plan on making those changes?  Don’t be scared, speak on it in the comment section.

Your health is your wealth!

Image Credit:  Lachlan Hardy

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