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Posted Jan 20 2011 10:08pm

Work today was INSANE!! Not that I worked hard (I was only there for 2 1/2 hours) but the little man was not a happy camper [teething is not his favorite thing] and lots of people came to sign up for a membership. [I’m lucky enough to bring my 10 month old to work with me, everyone at the gym LOVES him].

Finally my man came, did his hour workout, and then he took our little man home. I was FREE! Not that I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom, I just need a break sometimes!

FREE TIME BEGAN!! Unfortunately I was feeling a little tired, and not in the mood to work out. But that is when I need it the most! Everyone must agree with me in this. When you are tired and really don’t want to, that just means you really NEED to!

I did core workout yesterday , so tonight it was a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT total body1 (I did this workout 2x’s, it took about 15 minutes).

Once I plugged in the tunes, I was ready to go. Working out, with AWESOME music, is the best! Then I made a friend with treadmill #3. My goal for this run was 3 MILES in under 24 MINUTES.


I started out at a 8:20 pace, then progressively up’ed it until my last 1/4 mile was at 7:00 pace. LOVED IT! Finished 3 miles in 23:30-ish.


For dinner I made FRENCH BREAD PIZZA! Aside from homemade specialty pizzas , this is my next favorite pizza. We topped it with olives, pepperoni, pineapple, red bell peppers and cheese. Baked it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, then broiled for a few more minutes. YUM.yum.YUM!


It was NOT enough for either of us, so we are going to dig into some cookies‘n’cream icecream!


Checking in with my f/v for the day (I’m doing SOOO much better with this goal ):

DSC06893 DSC06895 DSC06901 DSC06910

[banana w/ breakfast, peaches w/ lunch, apples for snack, red bell peppers & pineapple w/ dinner]

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