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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:16pm

Unfortunately those of us with lower metabolic rates burn fat slower than others but there are ways to speed up that metabolism and thus burn more calories. The rate at which we burn calories while resting is known as the basal metabolic rate or BMR and it is determined by our genetic make-up. We can however increase our metabolism by exercising, building muscle tissue and watching the food we eat.

Increasing your muscle mass is an effective way to approach increasing metabolism as muscle burns calories even while resting, whereas fat does not. Muscle needs those calories you intake which is why muscular people sometimes seem to be able to eat just about anything without gaining weight. Your basal metabolic rate drops a little with age but building up our muscle helps to combat that.

Stress also plays a part. Studies have shown that people who suffer stress can sometimes also lose efficiency in their metabolism so the common anti- stress activities such as yoga and aerobic exercise can be vital to these folk in more ways than one. Happily regular exercise of course also has its direct effect on weight loss.

Tips for raising your basal metabolic rate:

Eat your breakfast! Starting the day with a meal wakes up your metabolism, high fiber carbs are best as they take longer to digest so stop you feeling hungry for longer.

Metabolic rate rises with body temperature so stay warm, confusingly however we also burn up more calories if we are a little cold!

Reduce stress, it interferes with your ability to effectively burn calories. Any stress busting activities are good, walking or yoga for example. Long term stress can cause weight gain and lead to various other health problems.

Training with weights will build up muscle which burns calories even at rest.

Eat small meals regularly during the day as regular eating helps to raise metabolism as your body needs to work on digestion. Skipping meals on the other hand can actually reduce your metabolic rate as the body thinks it needs to survive a food shortage. Fish, chicken and other protein rich foods consume more energy during digestion so try to make them a healthy share of your intake.

Spice up your food, several studies have shown that capsaicin found in chili peppers gives a temporary boost to our metabolisms, enough to make a difference if you make it a habit.

Exercise at morning as there is some evidence that morning exertion raises the metabolic rate well into the day, while the point is still debated most people agree that exercise at night is definitely not good as it hinders good sleep.

Get enough sleep. If your body is exhausted it is not going to be able to bun calories efficiently so your metabolism is lowered. Being low on sleep also leads to other problems such as lack of motivation to do the walking or other exercise already mentioned.

Drink green tea, there is now a lot of evidence it helps to raise metabolism and burn calories. Many people also rely on acai berry to help with raising metabolism and losing weight. Its available as a juice or in capsule form as well as in berry form.

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