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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism by Eating More Often!

Posted Aug 01 2011 5:06am

Is it possible to eat more often and yet speed up one’s metabolism? Of course, it is; let me show you how. There are two main methods you can utilize to speed up your metabolism. The first method is by exercising regularly. The second and most crucial method is by healthy eating. If you can master these two methods then you will be speeding up your metabolism.


First before we discuss how to speed up your metabolism by eating more often, let’s talk about the effects exercise has on your metabolic rate. Regular exercise increases your body’s fat burning capability or metabolism. The reason that we gain weight is that we eat more than what the body is burning, this excess is then stored in the body as fat. Exercise helps to build muscle mass and the more you have of this the easier it is to lose weight or maintain your weight. Thus, exercise is vital to general good health and to maintaining a healthy weight, but eating right is of utmost importance.

Healthy Eating

In order to be able to speed up your body’s metabolism it is essential that you eat the right foods, and that you do not deprive yourself or starve yourself throughout the day. Starvation is not going to help you lose weight. It actually slows down your metabolism. On the contrary what you want to do to make your metabolism work efficiently is eat 5 to 6 smaller meals per day instead of three larger meals. This actually helps to fuel your body more efficiently. Also, you never really get hungry by eating more often, so you don’t overeat.

To speed up your metabolism doesn’t mean that you can eat more of anything. No binge eating and no junk food is allowed. What is allowed is quality fresh foods. And, if you really want to speed up your metabolism then limit or stop drinking alcohol.

In conclusion, it is true that you can actually speed up your metabolism by eating more often. The trick is to incorporate the right foods and eliminate all the wrong foods. It is also very helpful to incorporate an exercise program that you perform regularly. This will not only enhance your metabolic rate, but you will also feel and look better because of it. By following these two methods you can be sure that you are speeding up your metabolism and you’ll soon begin to lose weight.

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