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How to Release a Stress Ball

Posted Oct 06 2010 8:18pm

Those of you who used to read “ To be the Whole Package ,” know our wedding is quickly approaching. Just slightly over a month to go.

And yes, like most brides, I have discovered there is a lot to do. Linens to choose, colours to pick, flowers to select, events to arrange, dresses to order, veils to find . . . the list seems endless.

Thankfully, for the most part the planning has gone rather smoothly. Until this week.

When we booked our venue ( Cabo Azul Resort and Spa ), we were provided with a discounted block of rooms. The special price, however, was always contingent on us reaching a minimum of 10 rooms. We never though that would be a problem.

We were wrong.

This week, we received a call from the resort informing us that we had failed to reach the minimum number of rooms. All of a sudden it was a scramble. Room prices were increasing (by a lot) and some vital people (i.e.: my parents) had yet to secure reservations.

Our stress level went through the roof.

For a while there I thought my parents were actually going to be unable to find a room at our wedding resort. And I was so sad to think of all the extra money people were going to have to pay. Not to mention the damage to our bank account.

In the end everything worked out for our guests. We all have reservations and the majority of people were even able to score a crazy deal (practically a steal).

Unfortunately, at the end of it all, the Fiancé and I felt like total stress balls. So we did the only thing we could think of to relax.

We hiked a small local mountain.

IMG 2767 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball

Being able to quickly access some fantastic hikes is by far the best part of living in the Rockies.

IMG 2768 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball   IMG 2773 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball IMG 2775 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball IMG 2776 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball

In the last little while there has been a huge change in the local weather. For a while there it was freezing (literally) on a daily basis. Lately, we’ve found ourselves sinking back into early summer weather.

I’m not complaining.

It made for a spectacular hike with the Fiancé and our puppy (Daisy). The air was slightly crisp and the sun was blessing us with the perfect amount of warmth.

As we climbed higher, I could feel my stress ball releasing.

IMG 2778 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball

We were fortunate to go up the mountain during the golden hour. There’s something magical about that time.

The three of us drank in the views and let the golden hues wash our cares away.

IMG 2791 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball IMG 2800 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball IMG 2802 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball IMG 2795 thumb How to Release a Stress Ball

By the end of our hike, we had all but forgotten the stresses of the previous days.

Mission accomplished.

What do you like to do to de-stress? Now I hike but when I was in law school I would light candles and play soothing music; almost like a spa ritual.

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