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How to Refurbish a Dell 75UYF Battery?

Posted Aug 15 2013 2:05am

Dell 75UYF laptop battery  is expensive to replace, especially when looking for a replacement made of lithium ion cells. Individuals spend between 50 and 100 dollars to find excellent designs offline, or in reputable web-based stores. If your battery for Dell 75UYF has failed and you do not have enough money to buy a high quality replacement, one of the most potent strategies for maintaining your productivity, while working outdoors, is to refurbish the dead laptop battery. This however, is not as hard as it sounds. With the help of a few tools, replacement parts, and the following valuable tips, you can easily spring your dead 75UYF laptop battery back to life, without spending a fortune:


Tools and equipment

Before you attempt any hyped strategy for reconditioning a  battery for Dell 75UYF  that you find on the Internet, make sure that you have the following essential tools and equipment first:

1. Screwdriver and or putty knife

2. Clean cotton towels

3. Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol

4. Lithium ion cells

5. Digital or phone camera

6. Plastic zipper bags

7. Soldering rod/ iron

8. Original Dell 75UYF adapter


The foregoing tools and equipment are readily available on the Internet. If you cannot borrow one or more from a friend or relative, you can buy them cheap in reputable sites such as Amazon or EBay.


Steps for refurbishing a dead laptop battery


Step 1: analysis

Dell battery  can die for an array of reasons. Though many die because of structural damage to internal components (power cells, internal circuitry, etc.), due to electrical shots; some die when heat and other environmental elements hasten oxidation and reduction reactions, lowering electrical exchange between the battery and the laptop computer. Evaluate the battery for Dell 75UYF in your laptop, to understand the cause of death. Remove it from your laptop and check its external architecture. Does it have signs of serious structural damage such as burns, cracks, or acid leaks? If the battery�s architecture is intact or looks good, the probability of repairing it well at home is high.


Step 2: open the battery

To refurbish a laptop battery or  Dell adapter; you must access its internal components. Take a flat point screwdriver or a putty knife, and open the seams of the Dell battery in question. Take care not to sink the blade or screwdriver deep inside the battery. You can damage one or more essential components, and render the battery useless permanently. Lift off the top cover of the battery and store it in a safe place. You can even wrap it in a plastic zipper bag and store it safely away from dust.


Step 3: document the battery

With the help of a digital camera or one on your phone, document the internal architecture of your Dell battery. Look at how power cells lie parallel to one another. You should also document how the components of internal circuitry connect. These photos will be helpful when re-assembling the battery.


Step 4: replace worn out parts

With the Dell battery’s architecture documented, the final step is to remove all components, test, and then replace all worn out ones. Disconnect all power cells from connectors; remove them from the Dell 75UYF laptop battery, and then store them is clean zipper bags. Remove all fastening materials (screws, etc.) used to fix the circuit board on the battery’s casing. You should also remove all plastic housing and then clean the casing thoroughly, using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Test all components to make sure they are working well, using a multimeter. You can also take them to a laptop technician to help you with the tests. Replace all damaged cells, thermostats, and other components of the internal circuit, and then reassemble your battery using the photographs you took in step 3. Clean the battery’s contacts well, re-install the battery and check if it is working well.


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