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How To Quit Weed & Never Look Back

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:18pm

Along the ignorance of the general public towards pot the pro marijuana lobbyist are just as ignorant when it comes to pot addiction. If you are trying to kick this habit and are having trouble you know the truth behind this struggle and how trying it can be especially if you are a long term smoker.

The problem is that people who do not know about weed think that you can become addicted to weed like cigarettes or heroin or cocaine which is not true. The pro pot people believe that it is impossible to become addicted to pot and do their very best to shame those looking to quit for their own ends as they know that you cannot be “physically addicted” or “dependant” on marijuana but end up ignoring the real reason people have a hard time giving up pot.

The real reason most people never stop smoking marijuana is that they are psychologically addicted to it. The difference is this:

- Physical addiction is when a person suffers serious withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug which in some cases is so severe is can cause sickness and injury
- Psychological addiction is when a person believes they NEED the substance to continue functioning even if they do not.

It all gets mixed up because dependence usually comes with a psychological addiction too and marijuana does have some mild withdrawals for some people such as insomnia, queasiness, vivid dreams and other but no scientific study has concluded it can be classed as physical addiction.

So what does this mean to you when you are trying to work out stop smoking pot?

Basically it means that you require a change in perspective and a serious amount of introspection into your motives and beliefs around smoking weed. It requires willpower and a commitment to quit only if you can shake the belief that you need it, or it is not that bad, or that it is not the weed it is other things that are making your life hell.

This is no mean feat because marijuana addiction is often just a symptom of a hidden personal issue you may not wish to face including:

- Fear
- Abuse
- Depression
- Social acceptance
- and more …

quit smoking marijuana is more about taking ownership of your life rather than letting it drift along in a smoky haze and only starts when you can be brutally honest with yourself about the reasons underlying your drug use, the excuses you make that stop you successfully quitting weed and the key motivation you need that becomes stronger than any urge to continue smoking that emerges.

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