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How to Purchase a Qualified Dell Inspiron 9400 Adapter?

Posted Jun 03 2013 8:59am

Fake electronic products and poor maintenance have led to evident charger failure and loss of the capability of the battery to hold power for long period. Therefore, it has become imperative to purchase a genuine Dell Adapter. The  Dell Inspiron 9400 adapter  is designed for the Dell Inspiron notepad or laptop computer. Some of the features of a genuine Dell Inspiron include an input AC 100-240V, an output voltage of 19.5V, output current of 4.62A, power of 90W, connecter size of 7.4mm by 5.0mm (outer and inner diameters respectively) and has a warranty of twelve months. In the case of replacement, one should ensure that the new adapter's features correspond to the original adapter's descriptions. For instance, the check the new adapter's tip size and the tip shape and compare them with the original device. Also, one should check if the laptop model number and the adapter part number are included in the compatible list.


When purchasing  Inspiron 9400 battery, factors such as price and warranty offered by the seller, should be considered. The buyer should check from different sources to determine the price, compatibility, capacity and the warranty. Replacement of the battery is done in a systematic manner. First, you should turn off the computer before disconnecting Dell Inspiron 9400 Adapter. Release the attachments that hold the battery and slide the old battery out. Lastly slide the replacement battery in the bay.


In cases where the laptop does not provide power, one should do troubleshooting before purchasing new batteries. Check whether the battery is completely drained or disconnected. In some instances, this may be caused by "old age" thus causing shorter period in holding a charge. The laptop's battery can be charged by plugging the  Dell Inspiron 9400 charger  into a wall socket. This can be done when the laptop battery if fully drained or not. There is a need to fully drain the laptop battery every time you use the laptop. The computer will continue to charge even when the computer is turned off.


In the period of testing, the Dell Inspiron 9400 battery is able to hold a charge. One must monitor the status of the laptop's battery by viewing the battery icon featured on the computer screen. This would assist in checking the period the battery is able to hold a charge. You need to remove the battery from its bay and run the laptop directly from the AC adapter. If the laptop runs properly, then the battery is dysfunctional. Furthermore, you can test the battery by substituting a battery which is functional. On the other hand if the battery less computer does not function, either the internal components or the Dells adapter has failed.


Laptop battery and the  Dell adapter  will eventually die. Therefore there is the need to prolong the life of the battery and the charger. Some of the energy saving actions include: turning off the computer if not in use, avoiding the use of external devices that drain the battery power, keep the Dell Adapter away from high heat, consider the various power demands of different software, unnecessary use of the hard drive should be avoided, and avoid blockage of the cooling vents.


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