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How to Protect Your Energy

Posted Apr 30 2014 8:06am


Today, I’m sighing a big sigh of relief on your behalf. This is a question I am asked on the regular, and I’m so stoked to be able to bring you some answers, because a healthy energy field makes for a health you!

When I first began my own spiritual journey, I noticed that I became increasingly sensitive to people’s energy. I would notice myself feeling energetically drained after hanging out with some people who were like energy vampires, sucking the life out of me. And I also noticed when I would feel really amped after hanging out with some people, almost as if they’d given me an energetic boost.

The other day, my boyfriend Matty and I were driving on the highway and we passed a Jeep. Matty was driving, and I was people-watching. The woman sitting in the front seat of the Jeep was jamming out to whatever she was listening to. As we passed the car and I looked at her, I instantly felt a rush of energy flow through my body. We were on the way to my uncle’s wake and I was feeling a little down, and I felt the positive energy emanating out of her, giving me a boost. It reminded me what we’re capable of. This is the power that we have. When we protect our energy field and do things that make us feel alive and connected to Spirit, we can literally expand our own energy field, and we can light others up just with our presence.

As the beautiful sensitive soul that you are, remember this:

If you’re in need of three powerful tips to protect your beautiful, sensitive soul, then this video is for you. We all have a responsibility to take care of our energy just like we take care of our bodies and our minds. A healthy energy field makes for a healthy you!

Stay lovely,

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