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How to Prolong the Life of an HP MU06 Laptop Battery?

Posted May 16 2013 6:24am

How can you keep an  HP MU06 laptop battery  working well for as long as possible? While aging and eventually death is a natural process that HP enthusiasts do not have control over, you do several things to keep your HP MU06 battery replacement going, for the longest possible time. Here are four ways to prolong the life of your battery:


Defrag Regularly

One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of a battery is to defragment your laptop's hard drive regularly. As you go about your day-to-day activities, files, especially those that you use regularly, fragment to different locations. As such, your hard drive loses its efficiency, uses more energy the next time you are trying to access them. This stresses your battery and degrades it over time. Restore the efficiency of your hard drive by defragmenting it regularly. Power your laptop using an authentic  HP adapte r, and a defragmenter to restore it to order. If your laptop does not have an inbuilt defragmenter, or the one it has is not good, you can find several free and premium software online, if you research well.


Power Management

Try as much as you can to save energy, while using your HP MU06 on battery power. Unlike in the past, several laptop manufacturers allow users to modify how the Central Processing Unit (CPU), cooling apparatus, and even screen of their laptops work. Optimize such apparatus, if you want your HP MU06 battery to last for long. For instance, dim the resolution of your laptop's screen to a minimum. An overly bright or contrast screen is not only harmful to the eye, but can also drain your  HP battery  juice faster than usual. You must also cut down the number of programs that run automatically when your laptop boots up, and those that run in the background (desktop search, iTunes, and others.). Finally, instead of using external hard drives, keyboards, and or mice to enhance your performance, use or upgrade your laptop's inbuilt accessories, to save battery juice. If you optimize the power management profile of your laptop, you will prolong the life of its HP MU06 battery.


Random Access Memory

A HP MU06 laptop uses two types of memories: a physical memory (known as Random Access Memory (RAM)) and a virtual memory reserved on the laptop hard drive. Even though a laptop uses both memories to cache information, storage on the virtual memory uses more battery power than on the RAM. If you use many resource intensive software that rely on your laptop's virtual memory to work well, consider upgrading your RAM. Buy a high-capacity stick offline or from your favorite offline store and install it in your laptop. This saves battery power and can prolong its life by a couple of weeks or even months.


Operating Temperature

Laptops generate heat when they are working. However, when the temperature in an HP laptop accumulates to a critical value, serious issues ensue. Small mechanical parts can blow and the battery damaged. To prevent your  HP MU06 battery replacement  from degrading and dying prematurely, make sure it is as cool as possible. You can do this in many ways: first, use an original HP MU06 adapter when charging the battery. Next, avoid using your laptop on a soft surface such as a couch or mattress, for an extended period. They trap a lot of heat, which degrades laptop batteries faster. You should also clean your laptop's vents regularly, and store its battery in a cool, dry place when you are not using it.

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