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How to Maximize the Life of Your Battery Latitude D820?

Posted Aug 20 2013 5:11am

How can I maximize the life of my  battery Latitude D820? If you own this laptop brand and like watching movies, or streaming music via iTunes, the chances the Dell Latitude D820 battery in your laptop will last for two hours or less is high. To overcome this problem without buying a pricey external battery for Dell Latitude D820, consider the following six D820 power management tips:


Power Options

Dell D820 laptop computers ship with two predetermined power settings: balanced and power saver. Switch your laptop to power saver mode, if you want to maximize the life of your battery Latitude D820. In a Windows laptop, navigate to the control panel of your computer and then to power management options. Next, switch from balanced to the power saver option. If you want, you can alter the hardware activity settings, sleep or hibernation settings in the advanced measures tab of the power saver plan, to save additional  Battery for Dell  Latitude D820 charge.


USB Devices

The type and number of USB storage devices that you use, while powering your laptop using  Dell Latitude D820 adapter, depicts how long your accessory will last. If you use a lot of external devices (music player, external keyboard, external mouse, etc.), chances that you will shorten the life of your Dell Latitude D820 is high and vice versa. Minimize usage of such external appliances if you want to conserve a lot of charge, and make your D820 battery by Dell laptops to last longer.


Empty DVD/CD Player

How many times have you left a DVD or CD in the optical drive of your laptop computer for weeks without realizing? This is among the major factors that can lower the life of a Dell Latitude D820 battery significantly. Generally, when you leave a compact disk in the optical drive of your laptop computer, the disk spins continuously, wasting a lot of battery power as a result. After weeks or months, you will notice a dip in productivity of the battery, and eventual death. Check the optical drive of your laptop always and remove available compact disks, before shutting down your laptop.


Defragment Hard Disk

Fragmented files or messy filing system in your laptop can spell doom for your  Dell Latitude D820 battery. The CPU uses a lot of power fetching files or executing commands, stressing the installed battery for Dell Latitude D820 in your laptop. De-clutter your system and then defragment all files, to keep your battery working well for long. Run the pre-installed hard disk defragmenter in your laptop or a third-party one from an external source at least once every month for best results.


Shut Wireless Adapters

Maximize the life of your battery Latitude D820 by shutting down all wireless adapters (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) when not in use. They constantly scan for connections in the vicinity, hastening battery degradation as a result. Use the power options of your laptop do so, if using Windows.


Increase RAM

Increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) in your laptop computer, to ease the stress on your battery for Dell Latitude D820. In a laptop, RAM acts a temporary storage location for data, when you are executing commands on your laptop. It eases the load of your hard disk and Central Processing Unit (CPU), saving a lot of battery power as a result. Visit a store and buy a good brand.


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