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How To: Make Your Own “Breadcrumbs”

Posted Apr 04 2012 4:43pm

Good Morning :)

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This morning started out with a high energy, extremely sweaty 45 minute spin ride. Today’s theme was Pedal Power - you focus the ride around your cadence rather than focusing on the resistance. I tackled today’s ride by creating a Pedal Power loop where my class gradually added pedal strokes to increase their speed before taking on some resistance. The point of the ride was to take note on how each additional pedal stroke added felt and to figure out how much energy you need to exert at a given time to maintain it. The ride also focused on proper form with each cadence increase – i.e relaxing the upper body and watching the pointing of the feet with each pedal stroke [want to keep them parallel to the floor to engage all leg muscles ;) ] It was a great, energizing ride to start our mornings!

Today, again, consists of loads and loads of studying – blah. One more exam to go then its mini Easter break time! :)

Plus, my micro teacher basically told the class if we didn’t want to go to class tomorrow it was fine – like when does a teacher EVER say this?! – I will sure be taking advantage of this offer – on the road right after my morning exam – score! ;)

Before I get to studying, I wanted to share a simple “How To” with you about making your own “breadcrumbs”! I quote breadcrumbs because they aren’t literally crumbs of bread, but, in fact, they are Panko breadcrumbs. I have switched over to using Panko and probably won’t go back to regular breadcrumbs (when I cook at least ;) ). Panko just comes out so much more crunchy (my favorite texture) and its super easy to flavor them up! I just happened to use my homemade “breadcrumbs” on dinner last night:

I sprinkled it on top of some haddock before I baked it. This time, I sprinkled the haddock with some smokey paprika (first time trying it) and it was a winner! I definitely suggest trying this spice :)

I whipped up a quick dipping sauce (because I always need something to dip into…) that consisted of non fat greek yogurt, sriracha, and dijon mustard – turned out surprisingly yummy!

How To: Make your own “breadcrumbs”

  • Get some Panko breadcrumbs (regular or whole wheat) – depending what you can find
  • Gather together your favorite herbs – I used fresh time, some fresh parsley and dried basil and parsley (to enhance flavor)
  • Choose your spices – mine is italian inspired so I used some garlic powder, a pinch of cayenne pepper and black pepper (i don’t add salt because I like to s&p my meats/fish before I put the breadcrumbs on.
  • Combine it all in a bowl – measurements depend on how much you make – I eyeballed everything – I love garlic, so I went heavy on the garlic powder – that’s the great thing about making your own, you can adjust the flavorings how ever you want!
  • Put in an airtight container/baggie in the fridge and its ready whenever you need it!
It makes it easy to put together a super simple, quick dinner – My fish last night took me all of 5 minutes to prepare before it baked at 400 for 15 minutes (time varies with type of fish and size). I sprayed a pan, laid out the fillets, s&p over top, sprinkled the smokey paprika, lightly sprayed them with olive oil flavored pam, evenly sprinkled the bread crumbs over top, lightly sprayed them with butter flavored pam. They went into the oven and came out golden brown with lots of flavor! 
Definitely what I needed when I got home from a long day of school.
See, it is possible to make a healthy dinner any night of the week no matter how busy you are – the key is to always plan, plan, and be prepared ;)
Time to study!
Have a fantastic wednesday!
~ L
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