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How to make your kid a class topper

Posted Jun 27 2013 3:29am
Ssshhh! I am going to tell you a secret about raising smart, happy and intelligent kids. It is not my made-up story. These are time tested and scientific facts. Sit tight and listen carefully!

Researchers have found that breast fed babies have very good chances of climbing the social ladder and have very little chances of downward mobility. It seems breast feeding enhances brain development and makes the kids smarter. The breast fed infants had a cool head and showed little signs of stress. Breast feeding promotes the skin to skin contact and the mother’s milk is loaded with nature’s goodness. So the scientists say that these factors ensure that the kids are smart, calm and collected and climb up the social ladder efficiently.

Kids who have good command over the language excel in studies. Researchers say that parents should talk with their children and give them clues about words. This will help the kids to develop deep knowledge in vocabulary. If you want your children to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics then you should first stop nagging, yelling and shouting at them to study.

Then what should you do? Instead you improve their spatial reasoning. How would you go about this? Researchers say that spatial reasoning can be increased by allowing the kids to play puzzles and even video games. Scientists used mental rotation training which involved how two halves of the object that are at different angles can be put together to make a whole. The researchers were pleasantly surprised to find that even 20 minutes of this training improved spatial awareness in kids.  Healthy food and a conductive environment will make your kids smarter and intelligent. Hope you will agree with me.

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