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how to make a fudgie

Posted Mar 11 2011 6:40pm

Tonight’s guest post comes from Carrie @ Moves ‘n Munchies. Carrie always makes such great healthy treats, and today she is giving a tutorial on one of her favorite treats! Be sure to check out my guest post on rest days over at Carrie’s place as well!

Hello Everyone! I’m Carrie and I run a little blog called Moves ‘N Munchies . Clearly, I am big fan of movin’ my booty while munchin’ on some yummy treats along the way!

I’m so happy to be doing a guest post on Chelsey’s blog. She was one of the very firstblogs I started reading last summer AND she was actually the one who inspired me to try my FIRST BOWL OF OATS… major *gasp*, I know.

I know this might be a shock to most of you, but I love chocolate. I mean, it’s pretty dang delicious. Now, I am a bitter fan.. I like my chocolate DARK and RICH, and while chocolate is healthy in moderation…I freakin’ hate moderation.

So…. what’s a gal to do?… This is when I got my little brain thinking and created what I like to call Dark Chocolate Fudgies!

Fudgies are now a staple in my diet… I make big batches of them and eat at least one everyday- gotta get my cravin’ in! If any of you like chocolate and like a little morebang for your buck… stay tuned!

Here is how to make a Fudgie (and yes, I realize it would be grammatically correct to call it a Fudgy.. but ‘ie’ is much, much cuter)

How to Make a Fudgie:
First up, you gotta gather your ingredients:


1.5-2 tbsp cocoa powder (I use unsweetened)
1 tsp agave (or maple syrup, coconut oil, date syrup etc…)
1 Splash vanilla extract (a splash IS a unit of measurement ;)
3-5 Splashes of water (or milk/milk sub if you like milk chocolate)

Mmmmk.. Step 1: combine all ingredients EXCEPT the water in a cute mini mixing bowl:


Step 2: MIX


Step 3: Add water until it becomes a thick, creamy paste:

img00618-20110228-1944 img00621-20110228-1944

Step 4: You actually have TWO choices here… A (a solid fudgie) or B (fudgie paste/sauce)… For A: Wrap the paste in cling film:

img00154-20101124-11061 img00155-20101124-11061

Clearly I made 4 here ;)

Step 5: Pop in the freezer for a few hours.. end result: a solid chocolate fudgie!

You can eat them plain or chop ‘em up and put on top of your oatmeal!


For Option B: Don’t FREEZE it! Eat it straight off the spoon or eat like so:


Spread in a tortilla!

Spread on a Larabar/granola bar!

Spread on chocolate pancakes!

img00213-20101211-1303 img00622-20110228-1950

Dippage for an apple (oh, it goes well with almond butter too.

But just WAIT… The BEST part about these is that they are only 35 calories each!- SCORE!

So as you can see… fudgies pretty much ROCK, and I highly advise that you try these out if your a chocolate lover like me!

And hey…if you aren’t into chocolate you are crazy then you better try out one of my Peanut Butter Banana Fudgies!

Hope to see you over at Moves ‘N Munchies some time soon!

Question: What’s your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?

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