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How to maintain your deck, to keep it looking beautiful, long after staining or sealing?

Posted Jul 11 2010 6:22pm

Here, Power washing Dragon and Painting™ will attempt to answer all these very similar, but Important, questions about maintaining a Beautiful deck after it has been stain or sealed.

Power washing Dragon and painting stained deck

What's good for cleaning your deck after its been stained or sealed?

Deck care / Deck maintenance after staining?

How to keep your deck looking good in between staining?

How to keep the deck looking nice after staining?

How to maintain your deck, to keep it looking beautiful, long after staining or sealing?

Just use regular liquid dish soap and water. The deck cleaners are often too harsh. Dawn is the best. You can keep a mix in a spray bottle or bug sprayer for larger applications, if necessary have a soft bristle brush, perhaps attached to a broom stick for convenience, to slightly agitate . Be sure, before using this technique, that the stain/ sealer had time to cure properly. Check with your products specs. also take caution and test on an inconspicuous spot on your deck and check for color steadfastness to see if the color is being disturbed or being changed.

For trying to keep mold and mildew at bay, just a 50/50 mix of bleach and water should keep mold and mildew at bay.

For three or four years you may be able to get away with just clean and topcoat. You will probably only have to do verticals once every 2-3 years. The stain will get a little darker each season. Keep it free of mold and you will get longer life.

After top coating 3 times or more you may want to power wash/ strip the wood and begin from scratch. To do the whole process, which is quite an undertaking you may want retain the services of a qualified power washing and staining expert.

if your on deck conditions are extreme, dogs, Barbecues, pool water/use, you may only want / need to re stain your horizontals yearly -usually just what receives the foot and sometimes hand traffic or whatever you think takes a heavy beating. Other wise you deck should remain beautiful for at least 3 years.

But aware of a deck's mortal enemies , anything that sits on you deck too long with out being moved or rotated, grills , lawn furniture, garbage bins mats , outdoor rugs, buckets, metal containers of any sort and anything that can rust should be banned , snow, wet leaves, mold and mildew etc. Never drag anything across your deck if you can't pick it by yourself then get some help.

I would goes are far as to say do not sit the grill on the deck at all, they are always leaking and the heat factor is not the best for most coatings. If you do like to grill on deck, use some kind of flame retardant mat underneath, they have ones that simulate grass, but this too should be moved at least weekly. or after heavy rains, you don't wanna trap any moisture under anything on your deck, unexposed sitting water can be quite destructive!

Video about maintaining you deck  from Benjamin Moore: Click Here


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