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How To Maintain Proper Eye Health?

Posted Mar 06 2012 1:34am

Suddenly it hit me that eyes are very precious and should be taken care of properly. The first step you have to do is to eat a proper healthy diet. Include lots of green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, beans and non-meat protein sources, orange and other citrus fruits.

Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamins C and E which are found in healthy foods prevent macular degeneration and cataract.

It would be in your best interest if you quit smoking because it leads to cataract, optic nerve damage and macular degeneration. When you step out wear sunglasses it protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

If you are a person who sits glued to the computer for long hours then check whether you have the computer vision syndrome.

Your eye speaks volumes about the inner functioning of your body. I will just say the symptoms and the underlying problems.

  •  Eye twitching –may be caused by stress
  • ·       Pink eye – may be due to bacterial or viral infections
  • ·       Bloody eye – high blood pressure
  • ·       Bulging eyes – thyroid
  • ·       Droopy eyelids – due to aging or rarely brain tumor.
  • ·       Pupil abnormalities – may indicate stroke, tumor, syphilis and multiple sclerosis
  • ·       Rings on cornea – copper accumulation in brain and liver
  • ·       Yellow eyes –diseases of liver
  • ·       For little children always check out for large or cloudy eyes and crossed eyes.

  • Hope I have scared you enough. Now for some measures to take care of your eyes, drink green tea and ensure good lighting when you read. Use anti-glare screen on TV, computer and notebook screens.

    Try simple eye exercises like blinking and closing eyes for a few minutes to relax. Look at nature, wash your eyes with cold water and do brisk exercise, it has the positive influence for your eyes.  
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