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How to Maintain an HP Pavilion DM3 Adapter?

Posted Jun 25 2013 6:30am

A laptop adapter is essential, if not the most important laptop accessory for a good reason: first, without the help of a good  HP  Pavilion DM3 Adapter, you cannot charge your battery to capacity. This means that you cannot go about your regular activities (surfing the Internet, completing assignments, etc.), especially if you like working outdoors. Second, a battery can power a laptop for around two to five hours, depending on its capacity, and the amount of energy you are using at any given point. If you are performing a resource intensive activity using your laptop, which can span several hours or days, your laptop will probably run out of charge, before you complete what you are doing. This is the second reason why having a healthy adapter is crucial. It will keep your laptop going for as long as you need it to, or as long as there is power from your electrical outlet. How do you keep your HP Pavilion DM3 adapter working healthily for as long as possible? Although many theories are making rounds online, you should do two key things, if you want to maintain your HP Pavilion DM3 charger. They include:


A promising strategy for maintaining the life of a  Pavilion DM3 battery  is to use it only when you have to. For instance, after you have completed your work session, closed your laptop, and stuffed it in its storage bag; make sure that you offer the same treatment to your adapter. A common mistake that many DM3 HP Pavilion enthusiasts do is to leave their adapters plugged on for hours after they have completed using their laptops. This degrades the adapter in many ways: first, if you leave your adapter plugged into a power outlet for long, there is a high chance that the temperature in its transformer will rise, and damage several minutes, but crucial components. Excess heat can also damage the protective plastic that separates the wires in the adapter, and cause them to touch. This increases the risk of burnouts and short circuits, which can damage not only your Pavilion DM3 adapter, but also your expensive laptop computer.


Proper storage should be a major concern, if you are trying to maintain an  HP adapter  for maximum performance. A common mistake that HP enthusiasts do, when storing their adapters, is to bundle and shove them in the first open space they come across. Do the following to maintain the life of your HP Pavilion DM3 adapter: first, never bend or crumble you HP adapter into a ball during storage. Although the copper wire used when manufacturing HP laptop adapters are flexible, they have a breaking point. If you make short and or sharp turns, you can easily break the continuity of the wires; render your Pavilion DM3 adapter useless or unsafe over a relatively short duration. When storing your adapter, it is advisable that you disassemble it, or create larger and rounder turns. Finally, storage condition is vital, if you want to maintain and make your  HP Pavilion DM3 charger  last longer. Like other electrical appliances, adapters for HP Pavilion DM3 are lest resistant to water and damp conditions in general. Make sure that you store your adapter for HP Pavilion in a cool and dry place, preferably in the bag that shipped with your laptop. This slows adapter's rate of degradation.


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