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How to Live a FearLESS Life

Posted Apr 14 2014 4:00am

The word “fearless” and living a fearless life is tossed around all over the place. I think the most common belief that people take away from living a fearless life is that you have to live a life without fear. And that if we are experiencing fear, there is something wrong with us.

I don’t know about you but I experience fear every day. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being wrong, fear of being perceived in a way that I don’t want to be perceived. It’s normal. Our ego (our fear voice) will pop up every day.

Here’s the thing. Living fearlessly isn’t about getting rid of fear or even diminshing its presence. The LESS in fearlessly is about LESSening the power that fear has over your life. It’s not about resisting the fear. What we resits persists. It’s about understanding the fear and being willing to look at it so that we can lessen the power that fear has over us.

What is something that you’re afraid of right now? How does fear have you in a headlock? Maybe you’re fearful about your financial situation. Or maybe you’re afraid of the direction your relationship with your partner is going. Or maybe you’re afraid of figuring out your purpose because you are scared of how powerful you really are.









So, how do we lessen the power that fear has over us?

1.) Love your ego

We need to be a hell of a lot more patient, gentle, and compassionate with ourselves. We need to re-identify the ego. Instead of looking at the ego as an obstacle holding you back from life, try looking at your ego as an opportunity for you to release fear and let in love. When you have a negative thought, it’s a sign you’re out of alignment with your inner guide, and that’s a hint it’s time to re-connect. Love your ego for the warning sign! When you treat the ego with resistance, you strengthen its power over you. Focus on reconnecting to your inner guide and thank your ego for the red flag.

2.) Feel your fear!

Notice where you feel fear in your body. SO many of us are unwilling to just feel it. But there is so much power that you take back from simply feeling the feeling. It will pass through you in 90 seconds if you choose to feel it fully! Notice where you feel fear in your body, give it a color, and just marinate. When you give yourself permission to just feel it, you can more quickly transform it.

2.) Fear is your teacher

Fear is just a protection mechanism. Fear is trying to keep you safe.. Fear is trying to save you from failing.

Think of fear like a teacher who is trying to help you shed a part of you or a part of your life that is no longer working. In that way, fear is an opportunity – a window-opener – a way for you to dig deeper and up your compassion meter.

After you’ve felt it, our job is to give it away to the Universe  You can say to the Universe, “I feel really funky and I don’t want you to stick around, but I am willing to learn from this fear today. What would you have me learn from you?”

By asking yourself this question, you dissolve fear with love. You are opening the floodgates, so the Universe can chime in and give you the inner guidance that will lead you to the right person, situation, or sign that will help you heal that fear.

3.) Give it up with gratitude

In this sense, you are saying, “I will step back and let the Universe lead the way.” Trust that you will be guided to the exact people, situations, and that will help you heal that fear. Express your gratitude for the Universe’s guidance. This always speeds up the process of things working themselves out.

Stay lovely,

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