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How to Know If You’re the Office Jock

Posted Mar 15 2011 9:12am

- During a benefits meeting, others ask for more personal days… you ask for a gym on the first floor

- You get caught doing lunges in the break room

- You get caught doing yoga in your office during break

- You get caught doing karate in the bathroom

- You get caught doings squats at the water cooler

- You are also now the office library because everyone knows you have the newest issue of Self, Women’s Health, Shape and Cooking Light.

- You have dumbbells in your office

- You get caught lifting your dumbbells on phone calls

- You pee 100x a day because you drink water, well, like it’s your job.

- To personalize your space, you have a picture of your boyfriend, picture of your dog and work-out class schedules with little hearts doodled on your favorite ones.

- You don’t have to label any of your food in the community fridge because no one will dare touch your weird healthy crap

- You indulge in a piece of office birthday cake and people give you a funny look, like you just broke the law

-  People never ask you why you’re limping, they already know it’s because you worked out too hard last night

- When you ask for a day off, the immediate response is “Why? What are you training for now?”

Feel free to add your own :)

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