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How To Keep Your Diet Through The Holiday Party Season

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:50am

I know it has been ages since I have written a post and I am truly sorry! To make it up to you my online friend Shawn has offered to give SEVEN tips on how to avoid over doing it at Christmas parties and how to stick to your diet during the holiday season.  

Experiencing the squeeze of trying to fit into your winter wardrobe as the holiday season arrives? The holiday season can be a time of many temptations to cheat on an otherwise healthy diet plan. From holiday parties and decadent dinners to baked goods by the dozen appearing on every corner, it can be a challenge to avoid sweets and treats. Fortunately, there are some ways you can maintain your healthy diet through the holiday party gauntlet, and come out looking your very best.

1.Plan meals ahead of time.

Preparing for the holidays can leave you short on time and so you may decide to pick up fast food meals. But, this habit can cause you to stray from your normally healthy diet. Instead, take the time to plan your weekly meals ahead of time, and pack your lunches when you must head into work.

2. Bring your own snacks.

Holiday parties are generally danger zones for anyone trying to stick to a diet plan. While it’s OK to sample a few homemade treats, it’s better to be prepared with some healthy snacks of your own. Keep a bag of low fat, high protein snacks on hand to stave off hunger, which can temp you to overeat.

3. Schedule time for exercise.

Finding time for regular cardio can seem like less of a priority during the holiday season. However, you can trick yourself into getting exercise just by making a few small changes to your routine. Try parking a few rows away from the entrance to the shopping mall, walking on your lunch breaks, and doing some yoga stretches before heading to bed.

4. Before eating, survey food choices.

While you don’t want to miss all those great holiday parties, you do want to miss all the extra calories. Many parties include big spreads of delicious food, but instead of filling up a plate, take the time to walk through and see what’s on the menu you should eat. Stick with proteins, fruits and vegetables if possible.

5. Keep hydrated.

Being thirsty can sometimes mimic hunger pangs, which often leads to unnecessary snacking. Combat dehydration by bringing water with you everywhere you go, and drinking at least 40 oz. of water per day. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, which can dehydrate you and has higher than average calories for beverages.

6. Meditate for stress.

The holiday season can induce stress in anyone, regardless of how joyous it may seem. Ongoing feelings of stress can lead to emotional eating; a habit that sabotages even the most committed dieters. Instead, take time out of your week to meditate or pray to release pent up anxiety and stress in your life.

7. Create your image.

As you participate in the festivities of the holiday season, you may lose sight of your weight loss and health goals. Take a moment to visualize how you want to look in 30 days, and how you want to change your image for the better. Create an image board using cutouts from magazines and goal statements, and keep this in a place where you will see it every day.

Take the time to enjoy the holidays and don’t look at them as a time for cheating on your diet. Instead of focusing on food, focus on the traditions and people around you that mean the most to you.
About The Author: Shawn Tremaine is a personal trainer and health and fitness writer, and has reviewed sites like . When he’s not working on helping others increase their health, he likes to spend it coaching his little boys soccer team.

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