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How to Keep My Feet Warm While Running in the Cold

Posted Apr 19 2012 9:26am

Cold weather running requires extra attention to avoid ice, slime, puddles and other

hazardous footing. It also takes good gear to keep the body, especially the torso, head and

feet, warm. Cold feet make even the most enjoyable running terrain difficult to traverse.

When the feet get numb from cold, the risk of misjudging footing increases and could result

in a fall. Upgrade your outerwear, socks and running shoes to withstand the winter

conditions for safer runs. This can keep your feet warm and your running goals on track

during the colder months
Dry your feet thoroughly before getting dressed for running. Damp feet get cold fast during

winter running.

Buy wicking socks to keep your feet dry as you run. Wear dry socks that fit well. Don't wear

cotton socks. On his "Running Injuries" web page, Dr. Stephen Pribut recommends wearing

Coolmax or Thermax socks for cold weather running.
Invest in insulated running shoes. Insulation in shoes works the same way it does in a

house; it retains heat. So your body warmth stays in your shoes and your feet stay warmer,

rather than feeling as cold as the ground you're running on.

Keep your head covered and your core (trunk) insulated to help keep your entire body warmer.

Wear a hat and a thermal or down jacket or vest. The better your body resists the cold, the

better your feet feel.

Consider wearing two pairs of socks. If your shoes aren't insulated, the extra sock layer

will give you more protection from the cold. Wear running shoes roomy enough to accommodate

the extra socks without crowding your feet. Wear pants or sweats long enough to cover your

ankles to reduce heat loss.


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