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How to: Kale Chips

Posted Sep 12 2012 5:10pm
You have probably seen these in the store and found out that they are WAY over priced!
They are so simple to do. I decided to put together a little how to!

This, is Kale:

You can buy it in bunches with the other random greens at the grocery store. You can also buy it pre-cut & bagged, which is nice and easy, but more expensive. It is easy to cut and remove the thick stem and rinse it off. (Honestly, I buy the pre-cut stuff, call me lazy!)

Preheat oven to 275. Gather your ingredients:

There are lots of 'recipes' floating around the internet. Some use olive oil, some call for a hotter oven. I DO NOT like the hot oven way because the little extra dark bits gross me out! Low & slow is how I do mine! I also opt for pan spray, but you can use a bit of olive oil...Your call. This week, I just made them with a bit of garlic and sea salt (not pictured).

This is a 12x18 cake pan. Spray it a bit first, toss in the kale, spray it all and toss with your seasoning of choice. The combinations are endless, it is all in what you like. I loved the salt & vinegar chips I made!

This is how the once overflowing pan will come out. It takes 30-45 minutes for the kale to cook down and get a crisp to it. You will need to stir and/or shake the pan every 10-15 minutes for even baking. As sad as they look...they are SO good!

Don't you want to trade in your bowl of greasy potato chips for this?


Let me know if you have any questions!
Hope that this helps somebody!

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