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How To Improve Your Chances For A Healthy Pregnancy

Posted Dec 06 2008 4:15pm

by Dave

The time to improve your optimum chances for a healthy pregnancy is before you conceive. If the mom-to-be is in peak fitness and you are in the best health you can be before you conceive your baby the environment in which your baby will grow and develop will also be the healthiest it can be to better support, and nourish the unborn baby. This optimum health and fitness status will give the highest chance for the baby to be born healthy. How do you go about making sure that you are health and fit before you conceive?

There are several things that a woman can do from the moment she makes the decision to conceive a child. These things involve diet, weight management, exercise, and lifestyle.


Diet is always important when it comes to achieving a healthy body but it is even more important when you are expecting to achieve a successful pregnancy because in order to nourish and support a pregnancy the mom-to-be has to have a healthy, fit body. Diet is a very important factor in achieving this goal for the pregnant mom-to-be. So much of the fetal groundwork is laid before a woman even discovers that she has been successful in becoming pregnant so if she waits to get the happy news it will be too late to change unhealthy diet habits.

A healthy pre-pregnancy diet will give the woman all the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to support pregnancy including the all important calcium and folic acid, which are vital to early fetal development. Many obstetricians, doctors and midwives are advising women to start taking pre-natal vitamins as soon as they decide to actively start a family as a support for the woman’s diet.

A woman is also smart to look at adverse factors in her daily diet that may hurt her chances to conceive a child such as caffeine consumption. Researchers have discovered that caffeine delays conception and may also be related to infertility by lowering a woman’s chance of conceiving. Caffeine when consumed by a male though may actually increase the chance for conception because caffeine has been linked with improved sperm motility.

Weight Management:

A woman who is intending to conceive should really strive to be at her optimum weight before conception takes place to improve her chances of not only conceiving but of having a healthy pregnancy. Obesity and being overweight has been linked in reproductive studies to infertility issues, diseases of the woman that may affect the unborn child such as diabetes. Women who are underweight also have a higher chance of having a low birth weight baby. This means that weight management is important for women on both sides of the weight spectrum. Your doctor can let you know what your ideal weight is for you height and body build.


It has been shown that getting fit 6 to 12 months before conceiving improves your chances for maintaining an active lifestyle during your pregnancy. An active lifestyle during pregnancy encourages strong muscles needed to support the pregnancy and decrease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy as well as to benefit the pushing during labor. A woman who is physically active during pregnancy is also less likely to be at the mercy of hormonal swings.


Lifestyle changes that encourage conception and a successful pregnancy include stopping or avoiding alcohol or tobacco products before and during pregnancy and also avoiding illegal recreational drugs as well as to know what over-the-counter and prescription drugs may have an adverse affect on conception and early pregnancy.

About the Author:
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