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How to Handle These Crazy Times

Posted Apr 21 2014 4:00am

Are you experiencing a storm of change?

You’re not alone. You hear me? You’re not alone.

These turbulent times are not happening to you – they’re happening for you. As ass-backwards as that may seem, it’s true. The Universe is pushing you to release what is no longer serving you NOW. The pressure is building because the Universe wants you to take a compassionate, gentle look at your relationships – to yourself, to others, to addictions – and decide what is true for you.

Jesus said, “if you bring forth what is within you,what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” This has never been so true as now, my dear. You must let all of that craziness come forth, and have faith that the Universe is going to save you.

Everything that you were taught – everything that you grew up knowing – is being brought to the surface … as if to say to you, “Is this in alignment with your Highest Truth?” And it can be really overwhelming, especially in times like this in which we feel like every facet of our lives are posing this question to us. I want you to know that you are not alone. This is a Universal shin-dig that’s going down. We’re all dancing with this shift and this change – or we’re resisting it because we don’t even know what’s happening. But you do know that it’s happening. And it’s your job to wake up, so you can then wake up others.









A mentor of mine explained this time period really nicely. He said, “What do you do when a storm hits? You go into a storm cellar. You are to do the same, except your storm seller is your inner guide – the Self with a capital ‘S.’” That is where you are to go, sweetness. When shit hits the fan, our ego tempts us to go outside of the storm and look for answers outside of ourselves. But our inner guidance system knows that we are to retreat inside and find the answers within – where they have been all along.

When the energy is super intense like this, it can be tempting to numb out or detach with addictions, overeating, binging, watching TV, etc. But the best medicine is simply this: get to know your truth. How do we do that? Meditate. Journal. Do things that make your soul dance. *Don’t bulldoze past those three things with an eye roll. Do them!* If you need guidance meditating, start with Soul Sessions . It will help you remember the peace you are seeking.

As you get to know your truth, you’ll wave goodbye to jobs, relationships, or addictions that are no longer serving you. That’s good, chica! Celebrate that. Wave goodbye with glee – because as you do so,  you’re stepping further into your greatness.

Regardless of what you’re going through, there is a sense of knowing-ness within you. There is a sense of knowing that everything is perfectly unfolding for you. There is a sense that you are supported, you are held, and you are taken care of. And you are. Trust that inner knowing. And to build that trust, continue to go within. Amp up your meditation practice or start one. Now. You need it. You cannot survive these times without it. Deal?

All of this is for you – it’s for your soul to help you come back home and remember who you are. It’s time.

Stay lovely,

P.S. – GREAT NEWS!! Some private coaching spots with me have opened up (and they’re going fast!). If you feel like you need guidance and someone to hold your hand through these crazy-ass times, then let me guide you. Let’s walk through your life together. I see you. I believe in you. I’m here to guide you back home.

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