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How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags The Fast And Easy Way

Posted Apr 02 2009 11:10am

There may not be exact figures for just how many men and women — young and old — are desperately wondering how to get rid of bags under eyes as quickly and as conveniently as possible. But I’m willing to wager there sure are a lot!

If your eyes are indeed the windows to your soul, as the poets have written, then you should keep the window dressings flawless!

Sure, there are certain remedies that last for a long time, such as injectable wrinkle fillers and eye lift surgery. But for significantly less expensive ways to get rid of bags under eyes, under eye wrinkles, and dark circles, you can try following these easy tips:

-Get adequate sleep. I’m sure many of us are guilty of failing to do this at one time or another in our lives. And we know the morning-after results: puffy eyes with dark circles under them. We resembled raccoons, but not as cute.

-Avoid drinking too much alcohol. This can dry out your skin, making wrinkles and fine lines appear more prominent.

-Consume more fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens and delectable fruits contain a lot of antioxidants that protect you from some of the physical effects of aging and the damage caused by ruinous free radicals that attack your skin day after day.

-Apply an eye gel containing substances that have been clinically proven to remove bags under eyes in addition to wrinkles and shadows — safely, effectively, and rapidly.

Why? Because such restorative product and eye beautifier can and should:

1. Effectively drain the fluids building up below the skin in the area underneath your eyes (one of the reasons for under eye puffiness and bags);

2. Contain powerful antioxidants in ample amounts to counter the negative effects of free radicals; and most vital of all

3. Galvanize the body’s production of collagen and elastin, two skin proteins that you require to firm up your under eye skin, improve its elasticity, and remove your eye bags and wrinkles.

But don’t rely on collagen creams and lotions to make your face look and feel younger. Your skin can’t absorb that kind of collagen because its molecules are too big to penetrate your pores. This is why findings of studies published in scientific journals such as the Archives of Dermatology recommend the use of anti-aging skin care products that stimulate new collagen development — and not creams containing collagen from external sources.

Knowing how to get rid of bags under eyes doesn’t have to be harder than it really is. Learn about clinically-proven natural ingredients found in reasonably-priced anti-aging products, and how they can eliminate bags under the eyes to make your eyes and face look younger and feel healthier.

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