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How To Get Rid Of Fibroids Without Surgery

Posted Mar 15 2009 3:18pm 1 Comment

If you have been looking for information to show you how to reduce fibroids naturally, you may be disappointed with the information you have come across so far. I was in the very same position a couple of years ago.

After suffering from unbearable symptoms caused by my enlarging fibroids for over a year, I was told that a hysterectomy was the only option. Other treatments which either removed individual fibroids or worked by shrinking them by blocking off their blood supply was not an option for me. In actual fact though, I wasn’t too keen on these treatments anyway as I’d read that they would grow back afterwards.

I scoured the internet for information as I’d read quite a few success stories about how some women had managed to shrink fibroids naturally. However, I could never come across any concrete advice-what I did find were a collection of seemingly haphazard remedies and strange treatments which gave me no confidence whatsover. There was certainly no step-by-step guide to download!

Eventually I came across a female alternative practitioner who specialized in the alternative treatment of uterine fibroids. Such practitioners are few and far between and can be very expensive to consult. However, she was offering a full treatment system for immediate download and will backup email support.

I decided to go ahead. The treatment was totally natural and as fibroids are rarely life-threatening, I did not feel that I was putting myself at risk by delaying my surgery.

One crucial element in how to reduce fibroids naturally is to look at the amount of estrogen which you have in your body. Think of estrogen as the “fuel” for the fibroids. If you remove some of this, you can prevent further growth. As estrogen is produced by, and stored in, fat cells, it is usual that overweight women will carry excess estrogen, so weight control cannot be overlooked. Additionally, some women are affected by an estrogen-like substance which is present in some pesticides and everyday pollutants and this is notoriously difficult to eliminate from the body. As it is stored in the liver, a good liver detox can be very effective.

The causes of fibroids can be different in individual women and this is the key to treatment. If you can discover what has caused the fibroids in the first place and take steps to remove those elements, you are partway along the road to learning how to reduce fibroids naturally. Of course that is not the only factor. By removing these elements you will certainly prevent further fibroids forming and existing ones enlarging. Any worthwhile system which teaches alternative treatment for uterine fibroids will stress that the approach needs to be multifaceted-there is no “magic pill” or simple treatment which will work. Indeed if you are looking for a “quick-fix” you may well be disappointed!

The lack of real help for women with fibroids led Shola Oslo, an alternative practitioner who specializes in teaching women how to shrink fibroids naturally, to develop a complete 7 step system which is completely guaranteed. Her busy clinic left her unable to take on many additional patients but the demand was clearly there. As a result, she has now helped thousands of women worldwide who she has never met.

Please bear in mind though, this requires you to be proactive and take charge of your own healing by making dietary and lifestyle changes and following a systematic program-it is not suitable for women who simply want to take a tablet and be cured.

Are you ready to get rid of your fibroids once and for all?

To see details of her methods, please visit shrink fibroids

For further general information and to learn all about the different types of fibroids plus the different treatments for each, please visit how to shrink fibroids naturally

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The methods in Shola's book really work. Am a living Proof
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