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How to Get Killer Abs…. for real.

Posted Jul 11 2011 2:40pm 4 Comments
I am constantly asked by people of all shapes and sizes, including my 60-something year old father (who by the way has a body that is stronger and more fit than most men in their thirties!) a question in many different forms- that seems to elude men and women alike. “How do I get a [...]
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Hi Sara, WOW you are awesome. I shared your article and blog on Facebook. It is great to connect with you. Great articles.



Robin... thank you!!!! I am so impressed you wrote a book... I hope one day I will have the time and dedication to do that!


I want those killer abs so how do I get them Sara

The article says it all! Its also written in order of importance:

1. diet- clean, healthy eating and lowering sodium intake is KEY. Adding PROTIEN (LEAN- white meats, and whey (fast digesting) or casein (slow digesting) protien suppliments are best!!) is also a very necessary component because it keeps you full longer and helps you build the muscle necessary to keep off the fat...  muscle burns way more calories so the more you have, the higher your metabolisim and the leaner you look!

2. cardio- you need to get rid of the fat over the abs FIRST or you will never see them... so diet and interval training style cardio will be the foundation- theyre NECESSARY.

3. stress- cortisol literally causes abdominal fat in most people... it can literally be  the silent killer of your flat tummy dreams

THEN 4. crunches. You can do 'em til the cows come home but without proper diet and exercise you just wont get there... Unfortunatly, theyre are few short-cuts and I want to be realistic with my readers... you DO need to put in a little hard work but it CAN be done!

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