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How To Detoxify The Liver?

Posted Apr 24 2013 6:34am

Did you know that the liver cleanses fact, about one and a half liters of blood per minute? Oh yes that's right, so it neutralizes the harmful effects of everything we eat and that ends up in our blood. Its health therefore depends largely on the health of our entire body.



For this reason the calculations bile, obstructing the hepatic ducts in which the bile flows, can considerably hamper the correct functioning of the liver, revealing indirect cause of many diseases. It has been estimated that over 95% of adults in Western countries is suffering from gallstones, formed by altered composition of bile and much more harmful than gallstones.

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Gallstones may remain even eight years within the ducts before reaching such dimensions as to be observed, and in the meantime, continue to "pollute" the body hindering the smooth flow of bile and thus contributing to the formation of further calculations.


  To enjoy a healthy lifestyle and complete relaxation, you are recommended to exercise the following three levels relaxation procedures.

What are the causes behind the change in composition of bile?

They are numerous, and mostly attributable to lifestyle:

Power supply (excess calorie, frequent snacks, evening meals heavy, too much protein, refined foods, dehydration, drastic diets, little presence of good fats)

Drugs often unnecessary (HRT, oral contraceptives, vaccines but also the hidden fluoride in toothpaste, detergents, Teflon pans, chewing gum, tea, drinking water, salt and milk)

Pace of life (that alter the natural biological rhythms)

Various reasons (such as emotional stress or watch television until late at night)


What are the symptoms related to the presence of liver stones?

Really the most varied: poor appetite as well as sudden cravings for food, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation , hernia, flatulence, hemorrhoids, pain on the right side of the body, difficulty breathing, cirrhosis, hepatitis, infection, high cholesterol, pancreatitis, heart disease, dizziness , fainting, loss of muscle tone, excessive weight or wasting, duodenal ulcers, nausea and vomiting, choleric personality, depression, anxiety , impotence, disorders of the prostate or urinary problems, hormonal imbalances, menstrual or menopausal problems.

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And yet shoulder pain or back pain, vision problems, swollen eyes, skin problems or stains the hands and face, sciatica, numbness of the legs, joint disorders, osteoporosis, kidney disease, cancer, coated tongue, multiple sclerosis or algia fibroid tumors, Alzheimer's disease, scoliosis, cold extremities, gout, arthritis, headaches , dental and gum disorders,, excessive sweating, pale skin, oily hair or hair loss, impaired healing, sleep disturbances or nightmares, rigors, hot heat or cold attacks.


For these reasons, it is more appropriate to include in the practices of purification also a washing liver, which can be carried comfortably at home, in a simple and economic way.


How can detoxify the liver?

First, it is appropriate to prepare the organism for the expulsion of consuming calculations for six days a liter of apple juice per day: malic acid does have the ability to soften the calculations facilitating their expulsion. These days the power supply must be as light as possible, cereal, fruit and vegetables, with the exception of animal protein and fat.


The actual washing is carried out in two days, preferably during a weekend, so you can devote to leisure activities such as meditation, listening to music or sleeping. You might definitely want to sleep during the morning of the second day.


The first day you consume a fat-free breakfast, with fruit or cereal lukewarm (eg. oats) without fats or sugars. During the morning entire liter of apple juice should be consumed. Lunch will be equally lightweight, made of rice and boiled vegetables, seasoned only with salt entirety without added oils or other condiments.


From 13.30 onwards you will no longer consume food or drink except for water.


It is essential to observe these rules to avoid getting sick during the following night. At 18, prepares a mixture composed of three glasses of water and four tablespoons of Epsom salts (also known as Epsom salts, readily available in pharmacies or online) and drinks a first dose, equal to three-quarters of glass. The taste is bitter but pleasant, similar to grapefruit juice.


You can still add a bit of lemon juice to improve the taste or drink from a straw to "jump" the taste buds. At 20 he drinks a second dose. If within the 21 still has not felt the urge to evacuate, you should empty your bowel with an enema. In this first evacuation may already be present calculations of the small, green pea, clear, between the yellow and brown. At 22, it is preparing another mixture comprises: three quarters of a glass of citrus juice freshly prepared (use two oranges and one lemon to achieve the required amount) and half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, put the whole in a thermos and stir it well to homogenize.


Then you stand next to the bed, ingests the mixture all at once. And lay down to sleep immediately, with two pillows under your head to avoid regurgitation. Even so it is important to have freed before the intestine. It is important to stand still for twenty minutes, lying on your back or on the right side in a fetal position. You might felt the incredible sensation of the passage of stones through the bile ducts! All without any pain, because the mixture of salts has the specific function of enlarging the ducts favoring the passage of the calculations. After 20 minutes you can sleep.


During the night you could feel a sense of nausea, due to the expulsion of a large amount of toxins. It is a transient effect, it will go away within the next morning. At 6 am assume the third dose of salts and 8, the fourth and final dose. You can still go back to sleep, standing up to the need to evacuate.


At 10 assumes a juice freshly prepared and after half an hour you can have a fruit. At 12 you can eat a meal preferably light as the previous day. Among the evening and the next day you can gradually resume normal feeding.


Assuming that virtually all have gallstones, it can happen that someone does not drain them. In this case it is logical to assume that the calculations are of such size as to require a greater preparation to be softened and eliminated. The process will then be repeated at a distance of 3 weeks, even several times if necessary.


In any case it is advisable to repeat the washing every 3 weeks until they are expelled more calculations for 2 consecutive washes. This is because with each wash are expelled only calculations closer to the learned while those in the rearmost position will advance in the direction of the ducts in the next 3 weeks. If for the last 2 consecutive cycles expulsion are not produced further calculations, the liver can be considered free, and washing can be repeated every 6 months.

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