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How to Detect a Faulty Gateway T-1628 Charger?

Posted May 08 2013 5:46am

If you are a Gateway T-1628 enthusiast, having a healthy adapter is essential for several reasons. First, all laptops require Direct Current (DC) to work optimally. Without a good  Gateway adapter, you will not be able to convert the Alternating Current (AC) supplied by the power outlet in your home or office to the DC current needed by your laptop. Generally, this means you will not be able to use your laptop computer to complete your day-to-day activities, after the initial charge in its battery falls below 7%. You can miss deadlines, fail to complete assignments, and experience several other challenges. Did you know that Gateway T-1628 laptops are a favourite of individuals of various cadres because of their portability? Unlike desktop computers, they are light. You can move them easily from one place to the next, listen to music, or complete whatever job you have, at your discretion. You only have to power its battery to capacity. A Gateway T-1628 adapter is also essential in this regard.


The benefits of having a healthy  Gateway T-1628 Charger  cannot be understated. However, as they grow old, or experience constant abuse, they can easily lose their efficiency, and the power to charge a laptop battery optimally. To prevent your Gateway adapter from failing on you when you least expect it to, you must always look out for signs of a dying accessory, and do what you have, to stem its degradation. Key signs that you should look out for include:


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Failure

Gateway T-1628 adapters have a light emitting diode on their charging brick that indicate their status. Depending on the types of charger that you have, this diode emits a greenish-yellow color when charging and dies off when it is not receiving any current. If your notice that the LED on your  Gateway T-1628 adapter's charging brick does not light up after plugging it on a direct power outlet, there is a very high chance that it is approaching it end. Check the power cables to make sure that they connect snugly on the charging brick and the power socket. If the problem persists, borrow a multimeter, and check if the charger is receiving power. Failure at this point means that you will have to buy a replacement Gateway adapter soon.


Laptop Charging Problems

Charging problems are common as a Gateway T-1628 adapter experiences wear and tear. However, before you brand your adapter the victim and buy a replacement in a local store or online computer outlet, take the following steps: first, ascertain that you laptop does not have a problem. Unplug your gateway T-1628 charger from your computer and power it using a good battery. If it powers well, check its charging jack to make sure that it mounts well on the motherboard. You can either do this by yourself or ask a knowledgeable friend to do it for you. If all is okay, the issue is most probably with your  Gateway battery. Run your fingers through the entire length of its cable and look out for bumps or uncharacteristic breaks. Again, before concluding on anything, use a multimeter to verify your fears. Finally, look out for unexplained power surges, while charging your laptop. This is an indicator that your adapter cannot regulate the energy it discharges and can easily damage your laptop.

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