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How to deal with exercises you hate, that you know are good for you…

Posted Feb 02 2010 1:21pm

What is it? Squats? Lunges? Burpees? Press ups? Personally if I never had to squat again it would be too soon! So I always do them on Mondays, y’know, to get the damn things out of they way! Would I stop doing them, just cos I don’t like them? Hell no!! Squats keep my butt pert and are a sure fire way to make sure my lower back is protected!

So what do you do with the exercises you hate? You can’t push them to the side of your plate like brussels sprouts, because then you’re denying yourself of the good stuff! Instead, either get them out of the way at the beginning of your training week (I always eat brussels sprouts first, just to get them out of the way!), or sandwich them in between two exercises that you love (not recommended for brussels sprouts…) so that you have a mini reward before and after each set!

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