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How to Choose the Best Plant-Based Diet

Posted Jul 30 2013 12:00am

fruits-vegetablesThere are what seems like hundreds of thousands of plant-based diets and deciding which diet is for you is very challenging.

I started my plant-based diet journey in 2008.  During this time, I experimented with eating a raw vegan diet.  It took me a year and a half to realize that the raw vegan diet was not for me.

Realizing that a raw vegan diet was not for me, I decided to eat vegan or plant-based diet.  I felt better adding cooked foods to my diet and I looked better too.  I looked sickly on a raw vegan diet.  I now realize that I was not eating enough food.

I also experimented with following the pH Diet (Dr. Young) and the nutritional recommendations of Dr. Sebi.  These two diets are considered alkaline/anti-inflammatory diets.  I did not stick with either one of these for too long.

I moved on to experimenting with Dr. Furhman’s diet/recommendations and I could not stick with that way of eating.  I had no problems following the diet, but I never felt satisfied after eating.

I discovered that I have issues with strict restrictions.  I need a little bit of wiggle room.

You have a little background on some of the plant-based diets that I have tried and you now know that my journey to eating a plant-based diet has been full of challenges.

The plant-based diets that I thought were the best, were not the best choices for me, but that does not mean that these diets will not work for you.  Everyone is different and each person has to do what works best.

Currently I believe I have found the best plant-based diet, but the jury is still out and I will let you know the verdict in the future.

Listen to your body, it won’t lead you astray!

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