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How to Care for Babies Ear

Posted Mar 28 2011 7:27am

We usually take extreme care to our baby's eyes, skins, nose, etc but often avoid protecting one of their sensitive organs, that is their ears. Ears are often the most neglected organ of our body that we don't care about. However your baby's eardrums are not as strong as yours. You might avoid protection of your ears but not your children.


Children’s hearing is extremely sensitive and they have almost no protection against harmful noise. You might be wondering what type of noises can be harmful for your baby? There are a lot... Fireworks, Loud Music, Thunderstorms, Bullet Sound, etc.


For the children below three years, ear defenders can be a source of problems if it falls out or pulled by the child. Inserting ear plugs into an infant'stiny ears with out hurting him is not easy for parents. Amid these the airtight seal must be ensured because without this most plugs will not provide the rated noise protection. Peltor Junior Muffs are good for this age of babies. You can use ear band-it for water protection, noise protection and for relief from pressure and noise during flying.


Children more than 3 years of age usually prefer muffs rather than ear plugs. The moldable silicon ear plugs are the most comfortable and are used during sleep and for water protection. Reusable swim plugs are good for them as they save lots of money in the long run.


Take notice of each and every symptom your child shows in the case of ear infection, call the child health care specialist. Do not try yourself to check on the ear injection, the providers have a special instrument called as Otoscope through which they can diagnose the injection by looking inside the child’s ear canal. Some infections are cured without treatment for few days while other severe injections may require antibiotics.


The providers treat the baby ear infections with antibiotics when they are under 6 months of age and if the child is above 6 months of age, the provider may ask or suggest you to wait for few days before starting the antibiotics. Make sure that your child completes the entire course of antibiotics and the antibiotics are not stopped too soon as there is every possibility for them to gain the infection back and then it could lead to more severe conditions leading for stronger antibiotics. The treatment for ear pains would include eardrops like acetaminophen called as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Some kids could have hearing problems because of the presence of the fluid in the ear, the hearing should return to normal within three weeks or so.


When/Where to Use Ear-Plugs?


The sound of fireworks could have worst effect on your baby's ears. So if you are going to a fireworks display then you must have some protection for their ear's.

Places where there are a lot of loud noise, such as discos, party places, then make sure that you protect your children's ears using ear defenders.

It is considered good practice to put on your children ear defenders when you go to market or other public places.

The sound of planes are quite harsh and affect your baby's ears badly. So don't forget to put on ear plugs during air travel.


No Side Effects


Usuallyear plugs or other kids safety products don't have any side effects.

The ear defenders are very comfortable and easy to wear. They don't have any protruding parts that can catch any thing.

The ear defenders have wide, comfortable sealing rings and are filled with foams and fluid that provide low contact pressure and optimum sealing.


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Ear defenders can be used for long hours without any problem, ensuring the best possible comfort for your children.

The ear plugs/defenders are non-toxic and don't harm your children even if they lick them.


Ear Infections

At times, ear hygiene is not enough to maintain healthy ears. Ear infections, usually caused by mucous buildup in the middle ear from malfunctioning Eustachian tubes, are common maladies for babies. Most children suffer at least one ear infection before they are two, and many children will have many more than that. According to research, some babies are more prone to ear infections than others.


If your baby seems to be prone to ear infections, there are some preventative measures that you can take to prevent them from occurring so frequently. One of the most important things you can do is to keep your child away from cigarette smoke. Smoke can irritate the sensitive nasal passages in an infant, and can lead to dysfunction in the Eustachian tubes. Also, allergies and reclined bottle feeding can contribute to ear infections.


There are different schools of thought in the medical community about how to treat ear infections. Some pediatricians feel that regardless of whether the infection is viral or bacterial, the infection should be treated with antibiotics. Still, other doctors take a more conservative approach to prescribing antibiotics. Since more ear infections are viral, these doctors suggest encouraging the body’s natural defenses by recommending cleaning mucous through nose-blowing or nasal aspiration, drinking plenty of fluids, and treating pain with ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

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