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How to become a Fit Girl About Town in 6 easy steps!

Posted Mar 14 2010 5:25am

1. Look after your body!

It goes without saying that to be a Fit Girl About Town, you need to be just that…fit! Not fit in the cooorr-blimey-check-out-that-bird fit (usually said by bloke on building site) but actually physically fit. You can’t make claims about being a Fit Girl if walking up a flight of stairs leaves you breathless. If it does, it’s a fabulous place to start. Take those stairs honey, and it literally is onwards and upwards from there.

2. Make an effort with yourself. For yourself!

Every girl feels good if they’re looking good! You know how it is, if your hair ain’t looking good, you ain’t feeling good! That does not mean that you have to spend an hour on it every morning, nobody has time for that. But do make an effort to do a little something extra, to feel good, every day you step out the door!

3. Be patient

Forgive the lecturing tone, but Rome wasn’t built in an day!! If you want your body rockin’, your energy soaring and to have an all out sense of fabulousness, you need to be consistent with your training and food. That means don’t be a diet tart, stick to one plan! If you have consistently put on weight over 6 months, give yourself 6 months to lose it…it didn’t come on overnight, so it isn’t going to shift overnight.

4. Never forget the basics

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Get 7-8 hours sleep per night. Have some down time. Eat your greens. Use your feet, Fit Girls are not Lift Girls, take those stairs! Laugh a little…actually a lot!!

5. Stay positive

We all love to have a little moan, it’s a mini way of releasing some tension and getting things off your chest. But don’t be that girl that complains about the same thing day in day out. If you don’t like it, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude towards it! Tsst. No buts. Just do it!

6. Appreciate what you’ve got!

If you are sitting here reading this, it means you have the luxury of having access to the internet, probably somewhere warm, possibly even sipping some tea! Be thankful!! Far too often when we get what we want, we aren’t thankful for it. So many women, when they reach their goal say, “I wish, I had started this sooner” (generally with sullen, slightly downbeat look on face). HELLO!!!!! Sister, you just reached your goal, and you’re wishing you had done it earlier!!!!! How about…”damn I feel good that I reached my goal!!!!”

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