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How To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Posted Nov 29 2012 8:40am

I am probably totally jinxing myself and despite my best efforts will come down with a cold, but I am going to try my absolute hardest to stay healthy while I’m on my pediatric service. I will not get sick!!!!

I figured I could share my best tips to avoid sniffing, sneezing, and feeling miserable this winter.

1. Get a flu shot!

Unless you are allergic to egg proteins or something in the vaccine, go get a stinkin flu shot.  The tiny tiny chance that you  could have an adverse reaction is nothing compared to the chance that you’ll be home for a week with a horrible flu. Do it!

2. Wash those hands!

Wash them like a crazy person. This winter lets all turn into germaphobes and carry around hand sanitizer and wash hands before everything. Sanitize your phone, your door handles, your refrigerator handle!!!  The only way for bugs to get you is if they get into you through your nose, mouth, or eyes. So don’t touch your face. Wash like you’re scrubbing into surgery before you eat.

3. Drink lots of water

Water keeps your engine running and even though people debate how important those 8 glasses a day really are, drink them anyways. I feel more energized and alert when I’m chugging water.  Even if its all in my head, it’s worth it.

4.  Eat healthy.

Fried foods and tons of sugar will drag you down. Feed yourself tons of veggies to keep your cells happy and your immune system strong.

5.  Take extra vitamins…. If you must

I am not a vitamin person. I think that if you’re eating healthy meals, you don’t need extra vitamins. Plus, vitamins can do a lot of harm if you overdo it. One vitamin I am actually a huge fan of is vitamin D. This miracle vitamin does lots of good things and its hard to overdose. So, if you’re going to take vitamins, take D.  Also, zinc can help kill bacteria and although studies have been mixed, some studies have shown that zinc can shorten the length of a cold. So you could throw some zinc in there too.

6.  When in doubt, sweat it out.

Exercise does wonderful things for your immune system and your spirit.

So there you have it! My plan to stay away from all those germs in this hospital!!!

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