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How Narrow or Wide Is Your Lens?

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

lens 2

I recall a children’s game where you had to look through a special lens, usually shaped like a hand held magnifying glass with a red lens which allowed you to look at page of images that could only be seen with this special lens. As you moved the lens around the page the images on the page would magically appear and anything outside the view of the lens would disappear.

Many people tend to view their world through a special lens which illuminates that which we desire to see while other images/things remain outside the scope of our lens. Unlike the game that I described above we have the ability to adjust the size of the lens that we view our world through. Like the aperture of a camera we can increase and decrease the size of our lens based on our desire of how much we choose to view.  The larger the lens the more we will see and the less that will remain in the shadows of our mind.

An interesting phenomenon takes place as we adjust the size of our lens and it is that many people choose to keep the size of their lens small so that they can not see what they perceive as the monsters that lurk in the shadows. I find this interesting because when you think of a child who lies in the dark of their bedroom, it is what they can’t see that scares them and once they are allowed to turn on the light, open the closet doors and look under the bed they discover that the monsters they feared in the dark are no longer there. As adults we often fear turning on the light fully because we believe that when we do the light will expose the monsters and that they will be bigger and scarier than we imagined and that the light rather than scaring them away will somehow amplify their presence and we will be overcome by that which we choose to leave in the shadows, under the bed and in the closet and therefore we choose to allow them to remain our of sight, living in the shadows of our mind.

When we use a small lens and we view our life through it we can only see small portions of time and space at any given time. When are view is limited many things may look/seem very scary on their own, however as we increase the size of our lens and we can see the larger picture we often see how all of the things that seemed scary by themselves actually work together when viewed as a greater whole.

It is interesting that most people who summon the courage to increase their lens of awareness find out when they turn on the light, when they increase the size of their lens and reveal that which they perceive as the monster in the closet that the monster does not become amplified, rather the monster is really no monster at all and that there is great peace realized when are scope of view is increased.

If it is true that the broader our lens is then the less scary things are then why don’t we all make our lens bigger? Is it that this time our fear may come true that the monster in the closet may be what we fear and that it will consume us? Is it worth taking the chance?

If you could see the bumps, cracks and curves in the road would you want to or would you rather trip, stumble and drive off the track? Seems like a silly question, however many people would rather struggle with their limited view than face that which they fear?

When we choose to have limited vision, not only do we often not see the monsters and underbelly of life that we fear, we also do not always see all of our gifts, all of the good that is within our world and we miss so very much along our journey.

Consider today, how wide is your view? What monsters do you fear that live in the shadows of your mind? If you were to widen your view and see all that lies within you and you illuminated all which lives in the shadows, is hidden in the proverbial closet and has been swept under the rug what is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen? How much more peace would you live in if you increased the size of your lens to see everything, all the beauty and all of that which you perceive to be ugly, warts and all?

I am willing to bet that you would be very surprised at what you would discover as you widen your view and illuminate all of yourself and your entire world. Note, anytime you take a step such as broadening your view, it is natural to feel some level of discomfort. Increasing our awareness is a process and like any growth process it is not uncommon to experience some growth pains. Know this and work through the discomfort as you increase the scope of that which you allow yourself to see for the rewards are truly greater than you can imagine. Remember the Mother who gives birth, during the birth she may have been in great discomfort, however right after the birth that discomfort is immediately replaced by an unbridled feeling of elation as she holds her new born close to her.

May you find the courage to choose to increase the size of your lens and to know the joy of seeing the fullness of yourself!

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