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How much that you know about the taboo of eating mango

Posted May 07 2013 7:12am
  The taboo of eating mango you know how much
  The mango by many people of all ages, the right amount of mango has a more therapeutic effect, but the food taboos also need our attention.
  The effect of eating mango
  1, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory: of mango immature fruit and bark, stems can inhibit pyogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, mango leaf extract also inhibit the role of pyogenic bacteria, cheap christian louboutin online  Escherichia coli, to treat human skin, gastrointestinal infections .
  2, anti-cancer: mango fruit with mango keto acid, the different mango alkyd triacetate and polyphenolic compounds with anti-cancer pharmacological effects; mango juice can increase the stomach and intestines, the stool in the colon residence time shortened. outlet discount christian louboutin   Fresh mango is very beneficial to the prevention and treatment of colon cancer.
  3, expectorant cough: mango contained Mangiferin cured disease and effectiveness of cough, cough, phlegm, asthma embolism role of adjuvant therapy.
  4, lower cholesterol and triglyceride: mango vitamin C higher than normal fruit, from 56.4 to 98.6 mg%, the mango leaf also has a high vitamin C content, and even if the heating processing, the content thereof is also not disappears features. Vegetables mango can continue to supplement the consumption of vitamin C in the body, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, is conducive to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
  5, eyesight: mango, sugar and vitamin content is very rich, especially provitamin A content of the fruit of the first, discount louboutins shoes  with the role of eyesight.
  Taboo to eat mango
  Mango high nutritional value, but should not be eating too much, eating 2/3 medium-sized mango has reached the the nutritionist recommended daily consumption. Mango contains irritating substances more time and easy to eat the mango mango juice stains the mouth, cheap christian louboutin shoes  cheeks and other parts, to stimulate the facial skin, causing facial swelling, inflammation, severe eye redness, pain phenomenon. After eating should be promptly washed mango juice of meat left on the skin around the lips, in order to avoid allergic reactions. In addition, because the mango contains a special substance, not suitable for the crowd to eat mango or should a better diet.
  1, fed inedible mango. The mango is not sharing the food with garlic and other spicy substances, christian louboutin pumps online  or may cause yellowing disease.
  2, due to the high sugar content of mango, diabetes should not eat. Mango with poisoning caused by damp, suffering from skin disease or cancer, should avoid eating.
  3 Deficiency cough (sputum white throat itch) should avoid eating in order not itchy throat. Asthma patients should also follow the doctor's advice to quit eating.
  4, mango leaves and mango juice can cause allergy dermatitis, allergies people should pay attention to.
  5, unripe mango stem end parts have white sap exudation, red bottom shoes on sale  estimated that this may be sensitized reasons. Eat mangoes can cause allergies, severe may damage the kidneys.
  Mango can not be the same food and what food
  1, mango and wine can not be the same food: mango and wine are spicy foods, eat more harmful to the kidney.
  2, mango and seafood can not eat: both eat not easy to digest, and mango seafood both food allergies with food allergies.
  3, mango and garlic Sim with food can not be the same food: mango contains acid, amino acids, proteins called that. louboutin shoes cheap  More irritating substances, these substances interpretation to human skin, it will cause allergies, severe redness, pain phenomenon. Do not eat spicy things, eat kidney harmful.
  4, mango and pineapple can not be the same food: two fruits with edible apt to cause allergies, mango, pineapple itself contains the chemical composition likely to cause an allergic skin reaction, fresh mango contains single-hydroxyphenyl or dihydroxyphenyl not fully mature Mango also contains glucuronic acid, they have a stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membrane, can cause swollen lips, itchy and tender, severe blisters will appear and erosion.  cheap christian louboutin heels   Pineapple contains glycosides, bromelain and other substances, has some side effects on the skin, blood vessels, and this allergy is often rapid onset, pruritus, flushing, sweating more than eating pineapple will appear after about 1 hour , limbs and tongue tingling.
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